Few dive watches could make history and among them, the Seiko Prospex have made stand as one of them people recognize at a glance. Prospex Diver-s have graced the wrist of many pro-level water sportsmen; some claimed it the most perfect tool watch to wear. But aren’t the JDM models even better? Yes, and there lies the catch! In fact, the best Seiko Prospex for the global crowd becomes better when built for its homeland, Japan.

This is perhaps the nth time I’m going back to the Prospex but much remains to be told about it and space is fairly limited. That said, there’s plenty to accommodate all the info that sums up on what really makes the PROSPEX a piece worth possesing and there I hear many different perspectives coming up. The PROSPEX perspective; however, remains unchanged.

This quintessential, top-end Seiko tool watch grew to be an integral part of SCUBA (Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) diving within some time of its release. Diver-s, under water, die and live by the time, so a paramount ability to time a dive is very crucial to them. It’s something the horological industry exclled but there came a hefty price tag along. Seiko solved this with the Prospex, offering high-priced features at something a commoner’s wallet could bear. This was game changing and dive watches became the most popular pieces worn around, on, in and off the waters, on the fashion streets and glittery ramps! There are a lot of ways today’s Prospex differs from the 6217 of 1965, but it carries its DNA from the first high-end Professional Diver watch that also helped it gain its icon status.

PROSPEX watches differ by a sea from the standard Seiko mechanical line-up, the build quality being the first point to note. The high-end precision in every joint, contour and cavity speaks of art perfected with aid from technology but here it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The real cutting edge technology is under its hood!

The PROSPEX also introduced titanium as an option in its watches, something only the higher priced Diver’s formerly featured. Titanium is a notch above standard stainless steel; more resistant to esthetic deformation. This also made the Prospex fit for even greater depths – hey, what the heck – you want to go for a Prospex, just go for it as something that had many of the first things in its category. The quartz movement – one; the ceramic shrouds – two…..aaaand yessss….also the hybrid versions with a list of other features (e.g. GMT) to follow. We’ll talk about them the next day. After that, it will be about the Prospex that are not Diver-s and are more suitable for pro-s in a social setting. Or, just for fashion, to be honest.

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