Kinetic Direct Drive is SEIKO’s nurtured by the technology and history over 120 years making mechanical watches, quartz, including the world’s first fusion spawned innovation and has created a new one was not in the world, only Wanmubumento. This watch has a unique mechanism unparalleled elsewhere, telling a new time in the arms of a man. “Kinetic Direct Drive” is the natural movement of the arm rotation weight Charged with driving power by rotating, self-winding power quartz “kinetic”, and also added a new manual winding mechanism. As long as you put the arm there is no practical stage demands a sudden stop.  Since the power at hand wound, which is useful if the clock had stopped power generation quickly.

SAGG005 is a Japan Domestic Market Seiko Kinetic Watch. This Seiko Phoenix Bright SAGG005 is driven generator to charge the rotating spindle is rotated by the natural movement of the arm, Automatic generation quartz “kinetic”, and also added a hand wound equipped with a new mechanism,  Arabic numerals, white dial is the watch design. A line at a time by its extraordinary design and technology. A model that has a high quality and movement that comes to you with a sense of aesthetics particularly well or very innovative. A high-end line, classroom and sports at a time, a reliable and knows how to stand out. The water resistant of this Seiko Direct Drive watch is 100m. This watch has Power reserve meter and Power reserve indicator function. The dial color of this watch is white. This watch has Sapphire with non-reflective finish crystal. The case diameter of this watch is 40mm without crown. Its thickness is 15.1 mm. The weight of this watch is 179g. This watch also has lumi brite hands and indexes. Its caliber is 5D44.

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Some Important Features:

Stainless steel case with dia-shield
Stainless steel bracelet with dia-shield
Lumi brite hands and indexes
100m water resistant
Sapphire with non-reflective finish crystal
5D44 Kinetic direct drive movement
Date and day of week display
Power reserve meter
Power reserve indicator function
Retrograde mechanism Day ceremony
Screw back
Dial color white

Case diameter : 40mm without crown
Case thickness: 15.1 mm
Weight : 179g

This watch is available for USD $2338.00 with us
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