Expensive shoes, suits, street-jets – we all love to own!  It’s the same with watches. Problem is: They are often not what we may call a practical choice. Appearing for a client meeting in a Maserati, wearing a Savile Row suit paired with John Lobb shoes and a Rolex might make everyone think that you don’t need their business. Unless, of course, your client’s name is Donald Trump or Bill gates; in that case, those will be a plus!

What about the rest, then? These are people who think quality is proportional to price and keep saving for years to buy one. There’s one difference, though; unlike cars and suits, watches don’t follow the same path. There are affordable ones exhibiting amazing quality and it’s hard to believe that they cost peanuts compared to pieces the world usually goes gaga about! They range from Swiss to Japanese to Danish to American; are finely crafted and durably built but without further ado, let’s have a look! These are arguably the best watches men and women may buy under $100.

Invariably, you can’t deny the presence of the legendary Seiko 5 in the list; followed by Orient, Citizen, Casio, Ratio, Skagen, Invicta, Swatch and finally, Timex, Fossil and Armani Exchange. Despite the last two being fashion watches, fact remains – they are from recognized fashion houses and are not going to disappoint you in the long run. Provided, you do not throw them into a warzone!

Mechanical, simple quartz or Solar; analog, digital or anadigi; minimalistic or multifunctional – just go ahead and take your pick! To ease your task of selection, we bring you one example of each type.