A large number of people ask this question on whether Invicta is a quality watch. Yes, it is, but don’t compare it to a Submariner or a Prospex. It is good in its own way and does its job well. It’s a simple proof that quality doesn’t always have to come costly; especially when you are wearing it with a purpose and not for showing off.

Invicta is not a new company. It goes back to 1837 when Raphael Picard started it. Today’s Invicta Watch Group has sprouted out of that Swiss tradition; it’s only in 1991 the ownership went to American hands. The headquarters since then are in Florida, even after a further change of hands. Also Eyal Lalo, the president – a 3rd generation horologer who employs from mostly within the family circuits.

Invicta’s range of watches are of variety designs and colors. You get a large option in the prices too, from around $200 or less to between $400 and $1,000. Besides,Invicta comes up every now and then with new models, designs and colors and also variations on their older, popular designs and re-releases, so you’ll always find something that you will like.

Invicta’s plus point is they look way expensive than they are actually and fulfills the dream of wearing something spectacular every now and then without worrying about damage and loss. Banging a Rolex on the elevator door hurts; Invicta doesn’t care. Even if you manage to break one, a replacement is readily available. All these earned Invicta some very loyal customers worldwide

Another thing you don’t need to worry much about is the Invicta’s size. They tend to be on the larger side and also weigh a bit more than other watches in its category, giving you back more for the money you spend. It applies especially to the $400 and up range, the quality greatly improves upon crossing that barrier. Here, you also get the screw down crowns; that’s relief  from water infiltration. The Invicta Pro-Diver watches have this as a standard and screwing them in or unscrewing them to access the pusher/crown inside is effortless. Tighter is better is not always right.

But the best part is, the money spent on an Invicta is money well spent. Invicta does a lot of charitable jobs and your money gets siphoned for various social works through the American Red Cross Society; for example, the $125,000 donation for Hurricane Katrina victims or free watches for U.S. soldiers serving overseas.

Sadly, there’s not much time or space left; not enough to plunge into the steadfastness of the Invicta watches. All that can be said is Invicta used some very classic internal mechanisms that draw from Swiss movements directly and exhibit a confident prowess and fortitude.

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