The Invicta Bolt series (different from Boltdown) is impressive primarily for the finely detailed build of every watch in the lineup. There’s one for everyone’s individual style and taste. They are catchy to look at for their closeness to sturdy and trendy jewelry.

For budget-buyers, it could be this is the most you’ll be spending on a watch after seeing an Invicta Bolt. Very impressive looking, these watches got much detail on their face. Even the plainest ones got a trick or two carved into it.

You might wonder if a watch this bulky would fit smaller (or slender) arms and/or wrists that well; there’s no need to worry about that. It doesn’t become heavier due to its size despite a weighing little more than the average watch. That’s largely because of the quantity of quality materials going into it. For mechanical watches, the weight is always on the upper end.

The finishes are impeccable in the Invicta Bolt watches. The dulled gleam of the gold/black, gold/blue and silver/blue combinations is pleasant to the eyes; the last one offering a more contrasted look. Men, this one is for you to consider in the same combination.

Now, to a very sensitive point: Despite those highly positive feedbacks, how come there are also negative reviews online?

History says the Invicta Watch Company is almost two centuries old and began from Switzerland. Affordable, mechanical timepieces were their forte but the brand didn’t rise to popularity other well-known Swiss brands alike. The quartz revolution of the 1970s made Invicta disappear from the watch market for a long time. It was brought back to existence when an American investment company took possession of the brand in 1991 and got it restarted from Florida, US. Ever since, their popularity is on the rise, which is not possible with just badly made pieces. Unless you are too unlucky or tampering with the bits, your Invicta should run fine at least a decade.

The attractive, futuristic designs of the Bolt line from Invicta is a bonus you are getting at the price of a good and reliable watch. They are top-notch everyday wear; many of their watches got characteristic features that make many of their models stand out from the rest.

The Invicta Bolt watches are a good and sound decision you’ll make if you want to spend a bit and feel good and relaxed about it; for they will also return every pie you spent with service. Quartz models would run all right if battery and gasket changes are done together. Invicta’s usage of innovative technology to shape and fit high-quality ingredients in different shapes together definitely deserves a nod of respect. At least, for the Bolt!

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