The Citizen Pro-Master series proves that functional watches can also be fun, even for wearers who are not professionally attached to hazardous endeavors. All are powered by the Eco-Drive technology, proprietary to Citizen. It also means that no battery change to crack the factory seal (and the atmosphere trapped within) and compromise about its functional abilities. You’ll never have to open that case back! The innovative technology bestows multiple capabilities to each of the Pro-Masters, making them multifaceted craftworks of excellence and creativity.

The Pro-Masters, mostly, can be worn as everyday watches, given the fact: A Pro-Master watch is often a lot more expressive than any usual everyday watch. Whether a simple, analog piece with big, easily read hands or an ana/digi doing a hell lotta job, they can be read clearly even at the middle of the night and without glasses unless they are really very thick. That’s enough reason calling it ‘everyday’; another one is you rarely will find the need to remove it. Whether showering or sleeping, working physically or operating heavy equipment; hunting, fishing, trekking or motoring, it won’t lose time even after a decade of rigor.

Pro-Masters are cheap to replace. Doesn’t matter if you lost yours in an expedition or just flat-out developed a gradual disgust towards it. Or, your cat ate it. Upgraded new releases, periodically, keep the Pro-Master stable fresh, lively and interesting! The timekeeping doesn’t deviate even an iota from the manufacturer-stated threshold; most nearing to a second’s gain or delay a day in marking the hour (or minute). This is fabulous news for them with compulsion towards accuracy.

Pro-Masters are not for them who want a lot of bells and useless whistles that mimic the real functions but do not withstand pressures where you actually have to put it to work. That, obviously, makes them eye-candies a hell lot cheaper, but for an independent, functional and easy-to-read (day/night) timepiece accurate in its every function and also looks good and fits well to a hyperactive lifestyle, you will always come to the Pro-Master. Whether you dive or snorkel; fly or surf; race on the tracks or roll in the mud as pastime or profession, you’ll never hesitate using a Pro-Master!

Notable Pro-Masters

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