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Watch collectors often go back to where they started from, completing a circle and then moving on further – _O_’ – the gap between the two doesn’t count. It’s a continuous process. The O rises from the line, takes a circle and ends up at the point where it initiated from and moves on further along a straight line.

That’s how little (but growing) collections – ideally – should be! There should be at least three of them circles before you may call it a large collection. Each circle also denotes that you took a bow to a particular timepiece that revives its very origins, using a much, much better technology.

Doesn’t matter if it’s typically an entry-level quartz piece that started you off with; none starts with the super luxury wrist-pieces first. You progress gradually to higher-end models at the top of their game. Much later comes the part when you start acquiring the rare, limited editions; followed by vintage pieces and unique and unusual creations. At every step, you must get at least one watch from a niche brand. Better, if they are also independent watchmakers.

Niche is opposite to rolling out a million tickers off the factory floor annually. That’s also a big reason behind not many seekers bumping into one. A fellow aficionado; therefore, with a Ratio FreeDiver Helium-Safe 1000M or a Luminox ICE-SAR Arctic XL will pull more glances than any popular dive watch seen a million times upon a million wrists. With an excellent after-sales service and customer support options, both are wise choices among niche brands, many among which are quite deficient of the same.

Wearing something that not everybody is, also means that you do not need to spend too much money for that special something on your wrist; ideally, with some historical significance or some connection to the watch development lineages. A niche-brand, three hander watch with a tachymeter bezel is not acceptable.

The value for in-house niches is immense. Not just the movement but the entire production process; its testing, assembly and testing again. It should be the same even when you send the watch back to the manufacturer for troubleshooting or a service.

Next are them using workhorse stock movements, like the MIYOTA 8215 or the NH35. For quartz enthusiasts, the MIYOTA OS10 or the Caliber: VX42E are great choices.

Always check that your chosen niche brand will not die the day after you buy or in a few years’ time. That’s an advantage with mainstream watches; you don’t need to worry about that.

A vast line of such architectural products specifically designed to fulfill some purpose or the other are given below.

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