Why a freediving watch?

A freediving watch is an instrument to assist you with the basics in difficult situations arising while freediving and help you maintain thresholds to keep away from doing anything foolish. A dive computer, undoubtedly; does much more. Time-telling apart, it even warns you if you have dived too many times without taking proper rest. Other things it does are:

  • Keeping track of how deep you go.
  • Letting you know surrounding water temperature.
  • Tracking location through an integrated GPS system and saving coordinates for future use.
  • Sounds alarms when you are underwater, which could be life saving.
  • Track oxygen levels.
  • Telling a certain depth to decompress and estimated time to complete it.

Fact remains: Like all complex, digital devices; a dive computer might also fail. A plain, analog, easy-to-use, backup device is therefore; essential. Also, at shallow depths, a dive computer is a bit too much for use.

This is where your freediving watch kicks in. This backup equipment for greater depths works as your primary when you are not much below the surface. Either way, it ensures that every dive you make ends successfully.

What makes a freediving watch?

Here, we talk about analog freediving watches only; the digital varieties are overlooked.

The analog ones are virtually fail proof and there’s no instance noted where they failed. The unidirectional bezel is a great timer tool that can track your fiving time and also help you with planning the dive, setting surface intervals in a more efficient way.

There’s nothing worse than finding the seconds-hands at a standstill and that’s even more dangerous when you are under water. With automatic movements, you bypass that glitch. The movement will work as long as the mainspring remains charged with your arm movements. Else, it takes only a few shakes or turning of the screw for a few times to get it up and running again.

The helium-release mechanism isn’t a requirement in freediving. You can’t go deep just holding your breath; there’s no use of breathing apparatus such as scuba gear in free diving. Yet, Ratio offers it in their Freediver watches as an add-on; in case you want to try out saturation or deep diving ever; or, so that you don’t have to buy two separate watches for the two different activities.

An inexpensive choice with a better build and high QC scores

The Ratio Freediver is no longer just a simple, quartz-driven watch! It’s an excellent watch with a tool-like built and fitted with a precision automatic, Seiko Caliber NH36, ensuring a high degree of timing accuracy and a rock-steady performance even under great pressure. The helium-safe construction and sapphire glass of this quality usually comes with a much, much higher price tag, but Ratio keeps it low; almost down to the Earth!

Links to some of the automatic Ratio Freediver watches are provided below. Click to see and buy.

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