Affordable luxury’s new name is the Invicta Russian Diver. We have many in the collection; here we bring you just three. Whether you want more or not these three will decide.

It is mostly seen that people consider a Diver for more than one reason and one of that is its sturdiness. It also stops usual water exposure from seeping in and grants you the freedom to enjoy and indulge without worrying about it. So the Diver’s style is in and Invicta presents you with three of their bests that will take any kind of beating on a daily basis and still look good under the bright lights. Their quality, sturdiness and size put up great examples of bold, diver timepieces. Spices up just any outfit, each of these Invicta Russian Diver watches is meant to be worn at high places. Change your looks, but not your style!Invicta Russian Diver INV5861/5861 Men's Watch

The Invicta Russian Diver’s history is one of the much-awaited results of Invicta’s long association with diver watches. They have been around for quite a while, with the same design specs as the Russian Naval Fleet watches built in 1959. You may call it a homage to the originals (they were much larger and had crude, inferior movements), which lacked many of the homages’ finer qualities.

It makes the Russian Diver adventurous and ready for come what may! It will withstand anything you’d hurl its way, as long as you don’t take it below 50m.

Invicta Russian Diver Silver Skeleton Dial INV17272/7272 Men's WatchSum it up and the Invicta Russian Diver will make you think bold. Beneath that design are the materials giving the Russian Diver an impression of the stately. Without the quality finish, the size wouldn’t look good; neither would it go this way either with jeans or Invicta Russian Diver Skeleton Dial INV1846/1846 Men's Watchsemi-formals. Crisp, clear and clean, the whole esthetics is about fine touches (even to the logo on the back!) and Invicta is proud of maintaining the high standards throughout. The solid feel is addictive; there’s a feeling of assurance to it – this makes you enjoy luxury little more than usual.

Overall impression of the Russian Diver is they are not subtle! It’s a timepiece that is beautiful, all right; but it’s also very bold – and very big! Its lume is bright; the dials, stunning and its presence – Commanding! Certainly not for the timid or the thin-wristed. The bold craftsmanship needs boldness to wrap around and actually mean something. Its massive proportions and military connection is a rarity to some extent and makes for some of the most desired additions to a watch collection.

The Russian Diver is recognizable right at a glance; you can’t go wrong with its huge size and the distinctive a cap protector and the chain accompanying the crown.

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