I don’t blame you if you think I’m a lazy bum, spending my entire day doing nothing but surfing for another timepiece and ranting here all that I collected elsewhere. But that must make you jealous – firstly, because I don’t have to worry about money; next, I’m the lord of my times. But then again, I’m nor even this bit close to what you truly mean being a watch nerd; not even a normal nerd. But I like apocalypse-kinda movies.

So, while watching Legion (the same 2010 movie, yes) last evening, I thought of a few names which I give here. Though these kinds of fantasy zombie apocalypses are far too freaky to even occur, but guessing the undead uprising has already occurred and you are a survivalist nomad trying to keep track of time, these will stay with you through thick and thin.

This made my love for these double – also tripled for some – and I gained a new appreciation for the exactitudes of their manufacturers; their no BS spirit and their authenticity, technologically and otherwise. The intricacy of the craftsmanship that went into them is also remarkable. Despite some slightly different considerations, I guess this list will be favored by all in the post-civilized territory. These are mostly quartz watches – more durable, accurate and easier to dispense than mechanical watches. Preferably light-powered/self-charging; battery-powered watches run the risk of blacking out or standing still at very wrong times.

  1. Casio ProTrek: Think basic. Strictly surviving in the PA world needs food, water, clothes and shelter. Even a night light, which is must if you want to hunt at night. Plus, you will need aid for navigation and weather prediction. The self-charging ProTrek models are top-notch, sensor-laden watches refined through the years. If you are hot for titanium (which makes the watch harder yet lighter), the PRG-130T-7VDR will be a good choice. Or, you may go for a G-Shock.

  2. Citizen Navihawk: Citizen is synonymous to Eco-Drive and so are Navihawk-s. They are solar and solid, durable and handy, strong yet look very attractive. Built to last for at least 20 years (without maintenance), my choice is the JY8035-04E. It’s high-durability with a classic sport-watch look.
  3. Seiko Diver: This is a huge array with a large number of solid options so you need to be nit-picky. There are solar-powered divers, quartz extreme divers, mechanical divers, Prospex; even some in the higher-end of quartz technology – the Kinetic and the Kinetic Direct Drive. Solar is the best option here till you are driven underground, without adequate light. And though not divers, some Velatura-s fit the bill nicely.

So, let the rock-solid reputation for all of the above come true and let your choice be your faithful wrist-servant till the last zombie drops dead.