Ask Casio if you are looking for minute engineering details, the super-fine calculations and pathways through which the milli- and micro-volts flow; if you are here to know the exotic piece of technology that will soon adorn your wrist, I can give you some key info which will make your listener go “A-Ha!”, the first one being it’s the first GRAVITYMASTER model to feature a digitally-operated compass backed by a direction sensor just 5% of the size of its predecessors.

What if you are feeling lost with the tech-talk? Don’t worry; you don’t need to understand everything to get it into your life. We don’t understand women either.

I won’t put any epithet like ‘amazing’ or ‘just-too-much!’on the GravityMaster GW-A1100R-4A; something this manly draws a lot of them, I know. I’d like to leave that part unto you; kepping the technicalities aside, you know why you like it and till what extent.

The hybrid thing is actually the watch tallying between GPS and Atomic radio waves (double-checking) before it sets the time. As you might despair on conflicts; don’t be. It’s not built to get stuck in between. It’s just Casio’s quest for utmost precision and if you say they have done a wonder, you got no idea what Casio is capable of.

Don’t take me as an owner/collector of G-Shocks. I got no interest praising a particular type of tool; I praise every tool that rises above the mark. That way, the GravityMaster goes great guns. Not only the double-time-check but also its intuitive operations. It allows you to play on for the solar power never runs out.

Those with a fascination for materials shall find the orange Gravity Master giving you enough reasons to rejoice. There’s carbon fiber and high quality resin to go for, together they make for some ultra-light wristwear that doesn’t hold you down when free hand movements are crucial. Steel couldn’t bring it under 100 grams without compromising on its strength. Even the glare resistant sapphire crystal is featherweight but strong as Hell itself. It’s anti-glare, so you don’t miss out even a minute point under bright lights. That’s essential for professionals and kind of groovy for casual wearers.

However, the WOW-factor is not in the GPS/Atomic Clock pairing but in the good old stop watch and countdown timer functions. It’s a scene the way the seconds hand sweeps and the minutes hand takes over to increment, denoting 60 seconds with 1 full rev. For the countdown timer, the seconds-hand sweeps backwards, literally matching the term.

So, would I buy it? Considering the times when I’m in a pub and bored to death, I’d like to utilize the GravityMaster’s power to tell the North to pull the guy opposite into a light talk.  But for camping? Or the long rides? I bet there’s no better tool!

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