As one of the biggest watch makers in the world you would expect a range from Citizen to uphold the standards of quality the brand is known for. With the Citizen Skyhawk range there is no doubt that this has been achieved. This collection of men’s watches is simply superb, and the designs take their cue from the traditional pilots watch. The influence shows through with clever, functional design, great looks and fantastic durability. But what is it about this brilliant range of watches that really makes it stand out?

Citizen Ecodrive Skyhawk Mens Watch
Citizen Ecodrive Skyhawk Mens Watch

Take the Citizen Watch Skyhawk JR3000-69E, one of the mainstays of the Skyhawk range and a men’s watch of some repute: this beautifully engineered model offers a wealth of features including a chronograph accurate to 1/100th of a second, perpetual calendar, a choice of alarms and access to time from many cities across the world, and looks stunning in stainless steel with a matching strap. The Citizen Eco-drive system is a world-famous innovation that drives the watch, and it offers a massive amount of running time. All in all, a functional, stylish men’s watch, and available at Creation Watches for less than $300.

Another model in the Citizen Skyhawk range is the Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Blue Angels Skyhawk, a model commemorating the celebrated US Navy Blue Angels display team. Resplendent in stunning titanium – both the case and the band – and made to a precision that is rarely seen, this wonderfully evocative watch is a modern take on a classic, and it offers something that little bit different from the norm. As men’s watches go it offers all the usual features: the chronograph, alarms and combined analogue and digital displays are all here among much more. This high quality, craftsman made watch could be yours from Creation Watches for just $325.

Our final dive into the Citizen Skyhawk range of watches for men finds us marvelling at the simply stunning Citizen Promaster Skyhawk EcoDrive Titanium JY8000-50E, a technologically advanced watch that combines stunning looks with amazing accuracy. It is a fully radio controlled model with time adjustments made automatically across the world – an absolutely un-missable feature for pilots and others who travel the world. Yet, despite the technology, it is at Creation Watches for less than $800.
With Citizen being able to draw upon many years of experience in making fine men’s watches it is no surprise that the Skyhawk range holds our attention. These truly are excellent watches.