I’ve often wondered why Tissot is a name that goes around only in close circles. It’s general public ignorance, all right, but when it’s inside the watch community, things seem to turn strange. Many would ball out a thousand bucks for a TAG but not when it’s a Tissot. One reason could be they didn’t do enough interesting and cool looking stuff so far and that sounds a bit crazy. It’s their preference to a beautiful, sturdy built that won so far, but their take on tech speaks through the T-Touch. These watches are controlled and configured with just your fingertips.

Whoever liked the idea that watches are to tell time liked Tissot. However, to keep up with the current consumer demands, they made things go a little ahead and introduced the T-Touch. With the wide range of materials, colors, designs and finishes it incorporated, T-Touch is currently one of the most advanced watches of its time. They are more of high-precision instruments than watches offering the right and best functionality/ease-of-use combo.

Tisot T-Race Chronograph T048.417.37.057.00 Mens Watch

Some of these watches offer more than a dozen separate functions, often altimeter, altitude difference meter, split time and cumulative time chronographs, compass, more than one alarm, thermometer, barometer, AM/PM indicator (in 12/24-hour scale), perpetual calendar, countdown timer and backlight coming in a single pack. However, the full utilization of these functions is possible only by professional mountaineers and skiers. Daily life doesn’t need you move more than 90 miles an hour. But if you love latest Technology, Touch shall equip you with the core necessities for any of those adventures you’d like to participate sometime. You can’t bag the real thrill of motor sport with your ordinary watch; for that, you’ll need the Tisot T-Race Chronograph. It has both an analog and a digital display to access and obtain handy, racing-oriented data like total race time, individual lap timings, slowest and fastest laps, average lap timing etc). All that can be saved and re-obtained when needed. Some also have tide tables integrated, so your surfing during vacation is safe. The T-Race also has impressive stats (42mm, stainless steel, synthetic strap and 100m water resistant), so think over this one if you are buying a summer watch.

Overall, whether it is mountain top skiing or getting splendid ocean views, a T-Touch is built to enable a modern adventurer face challenges of the wild. In urban territories, the inbuilt details combinations lay down a vast range of style statements.