Seiko Sportura Chronograph Alarm Watch
Seiko Sportura Chronograph Alarm Watch

Of the many Seiko alarm chronograph watches, the one that really catches the eye for elegance and functionality is the Seiko Sportura Alarm Chronograph watch.

The Sportura range of alarm chronograph watches from Seiko captures attention because it has everything one could possibly wish for – attractive designs, easy to read dials, logical functions and very competitive pricing. In fact, the Sportura borrows design cues from the higher-end Ananta collection. So in reality, the Seiko Sportura range of Alarm Chronograph watches become even more attractive because you are buying a higher-end design at prices that are not high-end.

The Seiko Sportura range ‘borrowed’ the case, pushers and hour indicators from the high-end Ananta designs. Of course, some would be quick to point out that the design were not unique to the Ananta but were actually a part of Seiko family in various watches.

For the Sportura range of Alarm Chronographs, Seiko made the case slimmer but retained the sharp looking lugs. This resulted in a unique watch that despite the relatively thin case looked impressive on the wrist. Many people obviously preferred the thinner case to the thick box-effect cases that are currently in fashion.

The case of the Sportura range of alarm chronograph watches are done in polished and brushed steel, or IP black coated steel. For the price, this finish is really nice and gels well with the feeling that you are buying a watch that is worth much more than the quoted price.

The dials of the Sportura range of alarm Seiko Chrono watches are a handsome mixture of style and legibility with lovely red or yellow accents. The beautiful dial includes applied hour markers as well as indicators that are diamond polished resulting in that lovely high-polish sharply cut look. Sportura range of alarm chronograph watches also sport the famous Seiko diamond cut hands and markers along with the lowered chronograph sub-dials to achieve a nice deep, 3D look.

The Seiko Alarm Chronograph Watch comes in three versions – the SNAE65, 67 and 69. The Seiko Sportura SNAE65 alarm chronograph watch has red accents on a leather strap whereas the SNAE67 comes with a black case and yellow accents on the leather strap. The SNAE69 on the other hand, has red accents on a metal bracelet.

All the Seiko Sportura range of alarm chronograph watches are under $500, have all the relevant functions, come with AR coated sapphire crystal, and is water resistant up to a depth of 100 meters.

Under the hood, the Seiko Alarm Watch is powered by the famous Seiko long-life quartz 7T62 movement with the chronograph, time, date, and alarm.

The combination of 60 minute chronograph and alarm make it really useful to sportspersons and professionals alike. As always, Seiko has proved that quality, functionality and beauty in a watch, need not be expensive.