Affordable, high-end watches kinda sound like oxymoron, till you face the relatively small and elegant Seiko 5!

Seiko 5: A brief, unnecessary introduction

There are countless numbers of models and designs falling under this value proposition range, comprising in-house, mechanical, automatic movements with undisputed pedigrees. They offer a day/date complication besides regular timekeeping; some bear clean, military aesthetics that went mainstream the most.

Good points/ Bad points

Seiko 5, Sports 5 or the Military?

They are not different per se from one another; it’s more like the dial text, designs and the sizes make them seem so. All of them are durable to more or less the same extent and all exude a higher quality than others within the same price range. Probably the best among well-made, entry level autos.

The winning points

  • A great way to get into the mechanical watch world without being afraid of mishandling the piece and damaging it.
  • Incredibly affordable, they are mechanical field watches that can take a beating and keep ticking happily without requiring a service or regular maintenance.
  • 316L stainless steel as the case material is both strong and highly efficient to accept anything from a mirror finish to heavily blasted, matte effects. Some of the finishing grades sometimes make the steel look like titanium that you won’t believe to be not until you hold the watch. It will definitely be heavier than real titanium.
  • Hardlex glass is Seiko’s proprietary hardened mineral crystal, more scratch-resistant than standard mineral glass. Next only to sapphire glass in hardness. You’ll have a hard time breaking it.
  • Seiko 5 are strikingly symmetrical, whatever might be their model!
  • Doesn’t dig into the wrists.
  • Can go easily into water as long as you don’t cross 95 feet. And oh, they are repetitively submergible.
  • They are true and practical field watches that go with your daily clothing as field-styled watches.

Why should you keep a Seiko 5?

  • They are far from very fine or feature-rich mechanisms and therefore, less complicated and less fragile.
  • They are reliable and accurate, enough for anyone not working for space-launch facilities. Mechanicals are never as accurate as digitals, as required there.

The ‘funny’ thing

It’s funny because they are much better watches at much lower prices; also serving you impressively when you go out of the city limits into the wilds. Often they are found to be more accurate than the general quartz watches, fluctuating more or less the same in counts of seconds over a month’s time.

Drop a reply stating why you would consider a Seiko 5 to be one of the bests for field use.

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