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This is an interesting comparison the outcomes of which, strangely, shall almost always reflect the mindset of the person drawing the comparison. We’ll try our level best to stay impartial; however, Gonzo seldom pays heed to the rest of us. So, we’ve presented a list of innovations from either brand at the end. Tally them and stick to your own decisions. Gonzo’s are often too rigid. The costliest show on Broadway
The costliest show on Broadway
$849 just to see the Hamilton! I flipped.
The other day, someone I’ve known for sometime over social media, mentioned had spent that amount of money just to get a view of something she could have easily owned (and still would save some) for that money! My friend (on the other end) passed a sarcastic remark. The idea struck that it’s a show – this Hamilton – after a message arrived – “…surely, other choices were there but Phantom of the Opera I’ve watched many times and you certainly don’t expect me to watch SpongeBob SquarePants aloneDevil Black Red Emoji - Sticker By Thekiralps Devil Heart Eye Emoji,Red Devil Emoji - free transparent emoji - emojipng.com ”. Not much into theatricals, it wasn’t for me to keep track what play (or plays) Broadway Theater is running and the price you got to pay to watch those. They’re not my kind of stuff, so I don’t buy them often. However, some info mining about this Hamilton show revealed quite interesting facts of which, the money part is most impressive! It’s a hit and has grossed over half a billion dollars! Despite hefty costs for one seat (as mentioned before), some people think they should fetch more than what they are now. I’m happy with my kind of Hamiltons and Phantom of the Opera. It was at Sweden; not New York. Flight Calculations with Precise Pilot Watches Made for Modern Aviators | Hamilton Watch
Different…and yet so same
Any plans, Broadway, to stage ‘Seiko’ one of these days? With that much of difference to cover, it would give you quite a few (weeks) of sleepless nights but the outcome would be an awesome one, that’s for sure. The differences between Seiko and Hamilton cannot be any greater than they are now and yet it becomes harder placing one before the other; just when you think Hamilton has won, Seiko takes over. The cycle repeats. Amidst these never-ending twirls we float, the hapless bunch of horobuffs in search of that perfect timepiece (or pieces) and attain moksa in the horological world, to free ourselves from the conflicts, doubts and debates about watch designs and constructions. silver and black round analog watch
Seiko vs. Hamilton: Four Primary Differences
  • Seiko is a self-sufficient entity while Hamilton is a part of Swiss conglomerate Swatch (formerly SSIH). That’s why; Seiko movements are all in-house while Hamilton uses stock movements with their own aesthetic and technical modifications.
  • Seiko’s stance as a more prominent brand is more than Hamilton’s due to their larger variety of products, offering more choices for the price segment.
  • Hamilton is a versatile all-around watch brand for the patrician while Seiko offers also for the plebeian. Both, however; offers unique takes with their spec and craftsmanship.
  • Seiko offers their watches on mechanical, quartz and mecha-quartz platforms while Hamilton is all about mechanical and off-late, battery-powered quartz.
Seiko vs. Hamilton: Who invented the most?



  • Quartz and Solar technology.
  • Thermic, world’s first watch driven by body heat.
  • Six-digit LCD display.
  • Multi function digital watch
  • Analog quartz chronographs.
  • Kinetic (mecha-quartz) movements.
  • Perpetual, millennium-plus calendar and world’s smallest ultrasonic micro-motor.
  • Computerized diver’s watch (Scubamaster).
  • Electrophoresis display module
  • Watches for TV-viewing, sound recording and spacewalking, .
  • EPD watch with an active matrix system.
  • GPS solar watch
  • First automatic chronograph with a column wheel and vertical clutch which, today, are prerequisites for any high grade chronograph.
  • 3-pointed hammer and a heart-shaped cam mechanism ensuring the perfect synchronization of the chrono seconds-hands’ fly-back action.
  • Tri-Synchro Regulator (for Spring Drive) facilitating capture of the continuous flow of time without any break.
  • Celestial time zone clock.
  • World’s first analog, electric watch.
  • First digital wristwatch with no moving parts
  • Automatic movements with extended power reserves between 62 and 80 hours.
  • First drift-angle measurement instrument in a watch.
Seiko vs. Hamilton: Conclusion
At the end of the day, it seems like Seiko is a better watch brand in terms of variety, offering and price for the tech-savvy new generation while Hamilton allures the crowd who love simplicity and reliability without having to go through a ton of choices to pick an appropriate one. Plus, you get that Swiss mark often for much less than the Seiko Spring Drive or the Presage. Leave a reply below stating which brand you like the most and why?
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