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  1. Tissot: The Primary Points
  2. 10 Tissot watches in trend: Get on to the next level
  3. Trendy Tissot Extended Talk
  4. So should you buy that Tissot?
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Let’s clear it right away! Tissot is not a luxury brand which you might be thinking like many others.

Reality is: You will not find any of their global advertising campaigns mention the word ‘Luxury‘. Instead, TISSOT emphasizes upon conveying their watches as affordable luxury with a true Swiss heritage.

Some might ask: “How chronometer certification is not considered luxury?” All right, we’ll first look into the acronym COSC.

COSC or Contrôle officiel suisse des chronomètres is a certification that ensures the precision of mechanical and quartz movements with time measurement. The standards set for the COSC tests are very stringent ones and a watch needs to comply with all those demands to earn the COSC mark.Tissot Watches in Trend

Earlier, it was difficult to make, assemble and adjust internal components of a watch movement to meet the COSC standards. Currently, aid from modern technology turns it a whole lot easier. Near-perfect jewels, lubricating oils and special materials/alloys are now manufactured in labs – all get together to make a watch run within a -4 to +6-second deviation. Still, Tissot calibers undergo COSC tests to double-reinforce their claim for chronometric precision. For Tissot, the COSC certification carries a 3-year warranty.

Those who feel the time has finally arrived to move up the ladder; from entry-level to entry-level luxury, Tissot will be a more than decent choice for them. You’ll absolutely love their nitty gritty and the rich history of it. You’ll appreciate all the work that went into them.

The Tissot watches come without the constraints. It’s something that’s essential when you are going for an upgrade.

I. Tissot Watches: The Primary Points

Tissot Watches in TrendA.Tissot, arguably, is the second most popular name in affordable luxury, taken with respect by seasoned watch collectors. Their appeal goes beyond their 80-hour power reserve or special alloys for their mainspring and other components. They go beyond just attaching a stamped rotor and must you tag it, “Respectable Automatic” is a far more suitable word than luxury automatic.

B. Tissot is rather the name for a fine achievement that you won’t be afraid to rotate within a collection of fine timepieces or wear it almost every day. Since 1853, Tissot has kept it up, which helped them build their reputation. Tissot stands for excellent-quality watchmaking at affordable price points. This is the starting point of your journey towards the realms of high-end haute horology.

C.The Tissot Watches collections are vast arrays of dive, dress and sporty chronographs. Yes, they do make quartz watches, which is a great help to new watch enthusiasts. It turns the transitions smoother.

II. 10 Tissot watches in trend: Get on to the next level


S.NoModel NameTypeMovement DetailsProduct page link
1Tissot PR 100 Sport Chronograph QuartzSports/Casual
  • ETA Quartz Calibre: G10.212
  • Hours, minutes, small jumping second at 6 o’clock
  • Date display in window
  • Chronograph with 2 push buttons.
  • Counters 1/10th of seconds, 60 seconds, 30 minutes
  • Functions : ADD, SPLIT
  • Stop second / stop motor
  • 4 jewels
  • PowerDrive / PreciDrive
  • Battery life: 38 months

2Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium AutomaticDress/Formal
Approximate Case Diameter: 40mm
Approximate Case Thickness: 10m
  • Calibre POWERMATIC 80.811 Automatic
  • Base Caliber: ETA C07.111 (based on the ETA 2824-2)
  • Jewels: 25
  • Power Reserve: 80 hours
  • Beat Rate: 21,600 bph, 3Hz
  • Anti-Shock: Novodiac by Incabloc
  • Rotor-type: Ball bearing
  • Hacking/Hand-Winding
  • PowerDrive / PreciDrive
  • Battery life: 38 months

3Tissot T-Classic Le Locle Valjoux Chronograph AutomaticDress/Sports
Approximate Case Diameter: 42mm
Approximate Case Thickness: 13mm
  • Automatic Caliber: VALJOUX A05.H21 [Base:ETA 7750]
  • 25 Jewels
  • Power reserve: 60 hours
  • Shock System: Incabloc
  • Beat rate: 28,800 bph
  • Rotor-type: Ball bearing
  • Hacking/Hand-Winding
  • Chronograph: Central 60-seconds hand, 30-minutes/12-hours `counters

4Tissot T-Sport Seastar Powermatic 80Sports/Diver/Casual
Approximate Case Diameter: 43mm
Approximate Case Thickness: 13mm
  • Laser-regulated automatic movement
  • Caliber: C07.811 [Base: ETA 2824-2]
  • Silicon balance spring
  • 23 Jewels
  • Beat rate: 21,600 bph, 3Hz.
  • Power Reserve 80 hours
  • Anti-Shock: Novodiac (by Incabloc)
  • Rotor Style: Ball bearing
  • Hacking/Hand-Winding

5Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL ClassicDress/Sports-chrono
Approximate Case Diameter: 45mm
Approximate Case Thickness: 11mm
  • Quartz Caliber: ETA G10.212
  • Chronograph with 2 push buttons
  • Counters 1/10th of seconds, 60 seconds, 30 minutes
  • Functions : ADD, SPLIT
  • Stop second / stop motor
  • 4 jewels
  • PowerDrive / PreciDrive
  • Battery life : 38 months

6Tissot T-Classic Le Locle Petite Seconde AutomaticDress/ Formal
Approximate Case Diameter: 39mm
Approximate Case Thickness: 11m
  • Automatic Caliber: ETA 2825-2 [Base:ETA 2824-2]
  • 25 Jewels
  • Beat rate: 28,800 bph

7Tissot Chrono XL Classic QuartzDress/ Sports
Approximate Case Diameter: 45mm
Approximate Case Thickness: 11mm
  • ETA Quartz Calibre: G10.212
  • Chronograph with 2 push buttons
  • Counters 1/10th of seconds, 60 seconds, 30 minutes
  • Functions : ADD, SPLIT
  • Stop second / stop motor
  • 4 jewels
  • PowerDrive / PreciDrive
  • Battery life: 38 months

8Tissot T-Race Chronograph Automatic Limited EditionSports/Casual
Approximate Case Diameter: 48mm
Approximate Case Thickness: 17mm
  • Automatic Movement
  • Caliber: C01.211
  • Base: Lemania 5100
  • Beat rate: 21600 bph
  • Jewels: 15

9Tissot Heritage Visodate Powermatic 80Business/Formal
Approximate Case Diameter: 42mm
Approximate Case Thickness: 12mm
  • Automatic Calibre: POWERMATIC 80.121
  • Base: ETA C07.111 (based on ETA 2824-2)
  • Jewels: 23
  • Reserve: 80 hours
  • Beat rate: 21600 bph, 3Hz
  • Anti-Shock: Novodiac by Incabloc
  • Rotor Style: Ball bearing
  • Hacking/Hand-Winding

10Tissot Carson Premium AutomaticWomen’s dress/formal
Approximate Case Diameter: 30mm
Approximate Case Thickness: 9mm
  • Automatic Caliber: ETA 2671
  • Jewels: 25
  • Power Reserve: 38 hours
  • Beat rate: 28800 bph


III. Trendy Tissot Extended Talk

i. Tissot PR 100 Sport Chronograph Quartz: 

The Tissot PR100 watch is a completely purpose-built watch. Dressing for sports or for fashion, whatever your purpose might be, the sporty and chic appearance ensures the best of both worlds in your everyday look.Tissot

A simple and elegant face is its prime attraction. The sub-dials are very well arranged and the lumed hands and indices adding an elegant and original touch to this timepiece. The watch is water-resistant up to 100 m or 330 ft; still, it’s always better to stay within 300 feet if you are taking it for diving on a regular basis. The extra 30 feet are for situations where you can’t help.

It is a fairly large watch, which adds to its gorgeousness.  It is one of those rare watches that follow you from the tarmac to the red carpets and everywhere in between. Tissot proved that elegance lies in simplicity, even when functions are complex. Grab the fabulous PR100 Sport Chronograph watch here at a great discount!

ii. Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium Automatic:

The Tissot Gentleman is primarily made for formal atmospheres where you do not need to exert muscles. But need be, you can stay rest assured your Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium won’t give up! It can withstand pretty extreme urban activities and environments. It can stand mild outdoors too.Tissot

The Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium exhibits equal portions of elegant ergonomics and ergonomic elegance. You can wear it for anything related to your business, job and clubbing scenes. Best suited for corporate, business environments with conventional dress codes, it quickly wraps around a modern, active lifestyle. It’s for every day and almost for every occasion and style. Tissot uses 18k gold for plating the stainless steel. It is 75% pure gold and rest is copper. It has pieces have an unmatched longevity, generation after generation.

The Powermatic 80 is a term coined by Tissot. It stores a total of 80 hours of running power from where comes the name. That means 31/3rd days worth of running power on a fully wound mainspring. Compared to the norm of 40+ hours, this is a huge upgrade in the world of affordable luxury.

Electrical and electronic devices generate magnetic fields which affects the accuracy of a watch. Tissot used silicon to fight this problem; silicon offers greater resistance to the magnetic fields and this silicon ribbon is specially treated to mimic the actions of a mainspring.

Its sapphire crystal is extremely high resistance. Impacts are handled very well by this sapphire. It also offers a superior visibility with its greater transparency and refractive angle. It is slightly domed, which also magnifies the dial and its components a bit.

The Powermatic 80 underwent several pressure and impact resistance tests conducted under real-life conditions. Not just water; it was tested with several liquids other than water, gases and dust, under varying temperature.

iii. Tissot T-Classic Le Locle Valjoux Chronograph Automatic: 

Le Locle is where TISSOT was founded. The dial of the watch is designed after the church clock of Le Locle. The Roman numerals bring an exquisite, traditional touch, completing its classical chicvibe.Tissot

As the name suggests, the watch receives a derivative of the ETA Valjoux calibre, which is a mechanical, self-winding chronograph movement. It is a sturdy option and this is a top-of-range product from ETA. It has beautiful finishing touches (Geneva waves, circular grains etc.) and the base calibre, the 7750, is in use since the 1970s. Its reliability and performance both have reached a legendary status. It stands as one of the most iconic movements in the world of watch-making.

The Cal. A05.H21 is an exclusive, 7750-based caliber ETA makes for Tissot. It has the same dimensions and mechanism (cam-switching chronograph, 28,800 bph, 25 jewels, ball bearing rotor w/ unidirectional winding and 60+ hours of power reserve).

The sapphire crystal adds extremely high impact resistance to the watch. It offers superior clarity too. The readability comes from the transparency obtained by lowering refractive index to the max.

316L stainless steel with 18carat Gold plating is used as case and case back material. The latter is curved at the edges and the window is sealed with a flat sapphire glass.

iv. Tissot T-Sport Seastar Powermatic 80:  

The Tissot Seastar 1000 is uncompromising against Nature’s adversities. TissoThe influences of the Rolex Submariner and the Omega Seamaster go far, to the extent that even Tissot thought about coming up with a watch that exhibits their traits. The T-Sport Seastar was born withthe same capabilities as these two legendary watches. Its diving features (a unidirectional bezel, divers’ buckle and extension and super-bright lume), all point towards a watch that you’d be a fool to baby with. It is built so that you can wear it to the wild seas and show people what a dive watch it is! Its heavy-duty crown guards present enough credential to hold the claim.

The refined look of the Seastar Powermatic 80 exhibits a class and an elegance that gives it a free access to almost all social and urban scenarios. The round, 316L 43mm stainless steel case is just 12.7mm thick, which is pretty small by modern dive watch standards. The size has been well thought about; it is large enough to offer a clear view of the time and small enough not to be a source of hindrance to physical movements. The thickness is also appropriate for times you want the watch to slide under your shirt cuff. The beautiful black ceramic of the bezel with the silver accents too, have a secret. The markings are neither engraved, nor etched into the ceramic; instead, they were grown/ formed/blended into the ceramic while it was being made. They are obnoxiously large and thick and bring that wild vibe to the watch. The best way to look at them is looking from a 90o angle. It’s done that way to restrain view of the overwhelming sizes when there’s no need. The reflective sheen brings a nice lustre to the entire watch, which makes it all the more attractive. The ribbed periphery provides both an excellent grip and aesthetic beauty. The perfectly flat-faced sapphire crystal sits flush against the bezel’s edge. It offers exceptional clarity and has zero distortion that lets you view the time from extreme angles. Clean, simple, classy; its black rubber dive strap is comfortable to wear for longer periods and imparts the watch further an elegant and minimal look.

v. Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL Classic:  

It’s a large chronograph watch with a sporty appeal that easily goes into the banquet. Or, into the boardroom. The Swiss manufacturing ensures a high quality while the watch itself accentuates a larger-than-life, urban spirit.Tissot

The Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL Classic is the largest chronograph Tissot ever built in the recent times. The watch has a great wrist presence and large-wristed active men will like it a lot!

The design is clean and elegant and the dial plays a great part towards achieving it. The stainless steel case it sits in is rather unique in its design. The curved lugs are very sleek and the bezel pretty thin, making the dial to appear larger than it really is. A scratch-resistant, high-clarity sapphire crystal covers it from top.

The 10 bar (100 m / 330 ft) water resistance is very much suitable for urban sports and adventures, like private pools, water and entertainment parks and also, bit of a mild outdoor. The chronograph mechanism, if used moderately, will not see you changing the battery for three years, give or take a couple of months. A good value for the money!

vi. Tissot Chrono XL Classic Quartz:  

TissotThis one is the green dial version of the above blue-dialled version. Equally attractive, the rest of the features, form and functions are exactly the same.

vii. Tissot Heritage Visodate Powermatic 80: 

The Heritage Visodate is a watch that belongs back in the days when classic cars were the norm and classic movies played in the theatres – precisely, the 1950s. The vintage-inspired Visodate exploded into the scene without a bang and with the right mix of retro styling with contemporary engineering.

The Tissot Visodate collection appeared for the first time in 1954 and the current Tissot Heritage Visodate transforms that nostalgia into a form. It’s a contemporary timepiece at the same time that is dedicated to details; evident from a gently-curved dial mirroring the domed, sapphire glass. Clarity and visibility are beyond question!Tissot

Tissot uses Nivachron – their new, titanium-alloy – as the mainspring of the Powermatic 80 movement. The material is immune to the magnetic fields we are exposed daily. This includes mobile phones, computers, radios, magnetic closures, micro-wave cookers etc.). The new material, unaffected by any of these, keeps the factory-set precision of the movement for longer. than standard springs.

The Powermatic 80 gets its name from the 80 hours of running power reserve it stores. It means you need to wear the watch for once every three days (8 hours at a stretch during daytime) to keep it running accurately.

viii. Tissot Carson Premium Automatic Ladies:

The Tissot Carson Premium automatic is a part of the T-Classic lineand is not the watch you can wear anytime! This is a piece you wear at a high-profile job or while visiting high places. It will, however; be your perfect partner to every great occasion life throes at you. The Premium Carson’s classic style doesn’t allow it to go out of date. Sumptuous, graceful, majestic.Tissot

The 25 Jewels ETA 2671 is a calibre exclusively created by Tissot for their ladies’ offerings. It stores power for 38 hours and has a beat rate of 28,800 vph or 4Hz. It uses an Incabloc shock-protection system and an Etachron regulator system, which also features an inbuilt, fine-tuning device.

As a luxury dress watch, it has no parallel in its price range. It’s suave and classic in its shape and design, carved in 316L stainless steel case and gradually tapering at the case back for a better hold on the wrist. The bowl-like shape elevates the elegance of this piece and imparts a sense of luxury. The sapphire crystal glass keeps the watch face scratch free.

ix. Tissot T-Classic Le Locle Petite Seconde Automatic:

On the smaller sides of men’s watches or on the larger side of women’s, you can place the T-Classic Le Locle Petite in any of these two categories. The stainless steel body of the Le Locle Petite receives highly polished gold plating that’s highly resistant to scratches, impacts and abrasions.Tissot

The model was first introduced on the 150th anniversary of Tissot Watches. It is one of the best-selling models in the entire Tissot Le Locle Collection. The Le Locle name relates the watch to Tissot’s hometown.

The Tissot Le Locle Petite Seconde gets the ETA 2825 movement. It is a variation of the ETA 2824 with a small seconds  module added .Here, it is visible from the see-through case back while at working. The sapphire crystals on both sides of the case are capable of handling high impacts. Its high visibility lets the beauty of the dial to show at its fullest. It excels as an office wear and a formal party wear at the same time.

x. Tissot T-Race Chronograph Automatic (Limited Edition):

The strong character of the Tissot T-Race MotoGP™ Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition watch comes from its  many details that motorbike racing inspired. It is a must-have for anyone with a fascination for motorbikes and not just MotoGP™  fans.Tissot

The watch has a transparent case back that resembles motorcycle wheels while the bezel is inspired by the disc-brakes. It stands out for these two iconic features, backed by the brake-caliper resembling structure holding the crown and the chronograph pushers. It is a sporty watch nevertheless very comfortable to wear. As an everyday casual wear or as a weekend wear at the sports bar, the T-Race chronograph fits both the purposes. It’s a balance struck between classic and aggressive, blended perfectly for an unusual, modernized and masculine outcome.

The Tissot T-Race Chronograph Automatic (Limited Edition) has an automatic chronograph functionality complete with a tachymeter scale, clearly visible through the zero-distortion ARC sapphire crystal. The dial is fully visible from extreme angles and the watch can run between 30 and 45 hours at a stretch on a fully wound mainspring, depending upon chronograph usage.

The Caliber: C01.211 automatic date/time/chronograph movement was introduced in 2008-2009 by ETA upon Tissot’s request. They used the Lemania 5100 as base, which was a staple for military- and tool-watches till 2000. This further proves the durability, accuracy and performance of the Caliber: C01.211.

IV. So should you buy that Tissot?

Tissot makes excellent timepieces and we sell them at even more attractive price points, They incorporate the best in modern technology and materials  They handle the pressing issue of buying the right watch very well. Every Tissot watch we talk about here offers more for what they ask.

Aesthetics are personal choices and nobody can tell what will catch your eye the most; it could be something out of our inventory but not here in this list. That’s very much possible, for what we present here are good starting points when you  start ascending the steps. These are real, classy, Swiss automatics that don’t cost a bomb.

Tissot is renowned for its high-end products, Tissot keeps up to their claims by consistently upgrading their technical know-how and never stopping the search for the best of materials, building techniques, artistic inspirations and substantial movements. The brand’s constant lookout upon these aspects brought in the different collections, ensuring there’s at least one to suit every preference and every lifestyle.

Tissot’s use of exotic materials like ceramic, titanium and gold is observed mostly among the true luxury options by the brand. Each of these materials has different benefits and so each is suited for different purposes. These help you further to believe in Tissot’s status as a high-end watch manufacturer.

V. F.A.Q.

1.  Who makes/owns Tissot watches?

A.  The brand’s owner is the Swatch Group. Tissot, earlier; merged with Omega (1930) and both brands in 1983, went under the greater Swatch Group umbrella corporation.

2.  Is Tissot an old company?

A. Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot together, in 1853, founded the Charles-Felicien Tissot & Son; a small assembly shop at Crêt-Vaillant, Le Locle, Switzerland. The building of the Tissot factory was initiated in 1907 by Charles Tissot, at Chemin de Tourelles, Le Locle and it remains functional till today.

3.  Is Tissot a luxury brand?

A. Tissot is a Swiss heritage company that has been historically a home for innovation. They make watches that range from high-grade entry-levels to upper-end ones, bordering on luxury. As a whole, you can classify them as upper-mid-range luxury brand of watches priced above most high-street brands but lower than other brands like Longines and Omega.

4.  Why is Tissot so cheap than other Swiss watches?

A.  All Tissot watches are fully Swiss-made, which means, all the parts in it are sourced locally, from Switzerland, including the movements; the assembly and QC are also carried out in Switzerland. Everything about Tissot originates and gets done within the country. This keeps the overall production cost cheaper.

5.  What is Tissot famous for?

A. Tissot, in terms of their total sales worldwide (roundabout 4 millions), makes them the leading manufacturer in the traditional Swiss watch industry.

6.  What is special about Tissot watches?

A. Tissot has a long history and is a genuine Swiss brand right from the start, with an excellent reputation. It has merged twice in its history, once with Omega (1930) and next with the Swatch group (late ‘80s), keeping their tradition of cutting edge designs intact.

7.  What is the most expensive Tissot watch?

A. Undoubtedly, it’s the Rose Dream Men’s Automatic 18K Rose Gold Case watch priced at $3,400; followed by the Pretty 18K Rose Gold Quartz White MOP Dial Diamond watch ( $3,300) and the Vintage Powermatic 80 Men’s Automatic 18K Yellow Gold Case Black Dial Watch ($2,950).

8. Do Tissot watches hold value?

A. NOS (new old stock) watches or the old ones in MIB (mint-in-box) condition fetch premium prices. The highest till date was fetched by a Tissot Navigator18K gold automatic mechanical (€8,900).

9. Does Tissot make sports watches?

A. Many of them! Tissot is associated with MotoGP, NBA and TOUR DE FRANCE and hence make watches according to the specs needed in motor sports, basketball and cycling.

10. What movements does Tissot use?

Tissot Caliber Powermatic 80/80.111 (based upon the ETA C07.111)ETA G10.211
ETA C07.111 (based on the ETA 2824-2)ETA G10.212
Tissot Powermatic 80 COSC Silicium (Same as above with a silicon mainspring).ETA 805.112
ETA 2671ETA F03.111
Tissot Caliber 27ETA F05.111
Tissot Caliber 27-1TETA F06.115
ETA 2836-2ETA 902.101
Tissot Caliber 2070 (based upon Valjoux 7734)ETA G10.961
Tissot Caliber 2070ETA 955.412
ETA caliber 2836-2ETA 901.001

11. Whom does Tissot target?

  • The Upper-Incomegroup men and women.
  •  Pro/semi-pro outdoor sportsmen and adventurers.

12. Which Tissot watch is the best?

A.  Technically and as per popularity, the Tissot PR 100 rules the roost, followed by Tissot Seastar, PowerMatic, Everytime Swissmatic, Tradition Chronograph and Automatic Couturier.

13. How reliable are Tissot watches?

A. Tissot is not dedicated to wholly providing luxury but manufacturing highly durable and good-looking Swiss timepieces for prices that doesn’t pinch the pockets.

14. What is Tissot Le Locle?

A. Le Locle is Tissot’s hometown and also where the watchmaking industry first emerged. Tissot pays their homage through a series of automatic, mechanical watches for men and women which they name as Le Locle.

15. What is the difference between Powermatic and Swissmatic?

A. The Powermatic is a base ETA 2824-2 reworked to deliver 80 hours of running power when fully wound. Most of its critical parts including kinetic chain, regulating organs have been modified. Its silicon balance spring makes it anti-magnetic.

The Swissmatic is an adaptation of the Sistem51, designed exclusively for Tissot. This configuration gives the movement a three-day (72 hours) power reserve.

Keep dropping in to leave your replies below. State which one from the above watches you’d like to go for the most and reasons behind it. 

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