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    1. Is it necessary to start with inexpensive watches?
    2. The watch and your workplace
    3. Best watches for the young adults about to pursue professional studies
    4. What makes them best watches for the young adults into professional studies?
    5. Winding up

Introduction: Is there a need for this piece?

This might sound so much like the previous, Top 10…’  or ‘Top 20…’ posts where I had shared info not just about personal preferences but also of others’ but this time, I solely intend to stick to what I think to be most suitable for the age group between 18 and 25; with two distinct divisions – 18 to 22 and 23 to 25.
These 7 years you create the foundation of your future profession and also enter the professional circles; however, primarily defined by impulse and energy, this is when making a wrong choice – in cool watches that is; apart from fine wine, fine tea, coffee, chocolates and cigars – is the most abundant thing you’ll find around besides reckless driving. So, I find it essential to set the young adults on the right course regarding these two things and these two things only.
However, this time, we just stick to cool watches. For the driving part, we’ll meet at some automotive forum some other time.

Is it necessary to start with inexpensive cool watches?

This is where most of us go wrong. Expensive or inexpensive is not the defining point. There’s no hard and fast rule that to be a good watch it needs to be an expensive one, though we all are aware of the fact that quality demands its price. Yet, there are brands that offer stellar quality within modest sums that doesn’t hurt moderate budgets, which we intend to discuss today.citizen
Now, nobody is saying you cannot get started with the AP Code 11.59 Minute Repeater Supersonnerie or with a Lange 1815. It’s just that you have to stay prepared for the $25,000 and upward figures. We’ll assume you’ve also gathered the necessary horo-knowledge to handle the loftiness associated with such possessions. Else, it might turn you dizzy. That’s the starting point of everything tumbling down together. Avoid that, by all means.
In the list of inexpensive watches, some are real and some are just fashion accessories. While there’s nothing against these watches from the big fashion brands out there but caution should be practiced regarding absolutely grandiose pieces with dubious–sounding names and questionable origins. The most obvious tell-tale sign is a BIG brand name watch running on a quartz movement and the actual brand dealing only in mechanicals.
With the Graduation Day coming up, this discussion is right on time for a large chunk of people; both young adults willing to buy one for themselves and elders who are willing to gift.

The watch and your workplace

seikoWorking in the sectors of finance, law and consulting requires a person to mould him/herself into something very different from the happy-go-lucky image that was so popular in high school. In the world of MDs, VPs and MPs, you have to change not just your outlook towards life but also towards your stylistic preferences. Let that begin right from the time you step into the business or the law or the technical courses school. Picking a watch as a Graduation gift or purchase thus requires knowing a thing or two.

  • A watch denotes a person’s level of income and professional success, so it is totally inappropriate to wear an expensive (above $5k) watch to the institution you’ve registered with or at your first job. Even if you are joining the corporate-level family business. Wear your expensive watch to other places than your workplace.
  • For the would-be law- and business-men, clean-looking dials are best; for those going into technical and technology-oriented professions, which would be the ana/digital multifunctional watches.

Best cool watches for the young adults about to pursue professional studies

S.No Brand Model Type Specs Movement Product page link

Tommy Hilfiger

Clark Smart Casual/Semi-formal
  • Stainless Steel Case & Bracelet w/ deployment clasp.
  • Mineral Crystal.
  • Analog display of
    date & time.
  • Solid Case back.
  • 50m WR
  • Dimensions: 44mm (d), 10mm (t)
    22mm (lug width)
Quartz Mechanism Japanese
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Scuderia Primato Chronograph Sports-Dress/Smart Casual
  • Stainless Steel Case & case back.
  • Leather Strap w/ Buckle Clasp.
  • Mineral Crystal
  • Analog Chronograph/12/24 Hours/Time & Date Display
  • 50m WR
  • Dimensions: 44mm (d), 12mm (t)
    22mm (lug width)
Epson Japanese Quartz; Caliber: VR32B
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Hugo Boss

Ikon Chronograph w/ Tachymeter Sports/Casua
  • Stainless Steel Case w/ solid Case Back & Bracelet w/ Deployment Clasp
    Mineral Crystal
  • Analog Display (Tachymeter,Chronograph, 12/24 Hours Display, Time & Date)
  • Screw Down Crown
  • 100m WR
  • Dimensions: 44mm (d), 13mm (t)
Japanese Quartz movement
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Edifice [Scuderia AlphaTauri LE] Sports/Casual/Utility
  • Stainless Steel Case & Solid Case Back
  • Cloth Strap w/ Buckle Clasp
  • Solar Powered w/ Power Saving mode
  • Mobile Link (Wireless) using Bluetooth.
  • Dual Time/1-Second Stopwatch/Daily Alarm/Regular Timekeeping/ Full Auto Calendar/ 12/24 Hours
  • Pull/Push Crown
  • 100m WR
  • Dimensions: 46mm (d), 10mm (t), 23mm (Lug Width)
Casio Caliber 5604
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G-Shock Carbon Core Guard Digital Analog Sports/Casual/Utility
  • Carbon Composite Case w/ Carbon Core Guard & screw-in case back.
  • Resin Strap w/ Buckle Clasp
  • Mineral Crysta
  • Shock/Water Resistant (200m)
  • Analog Digital Display w/ Hand Shift Feature
  • Double LED Light
    World Time,1/100 Second Stopwatch,
    Countdown Timer
    5 Daily Alarms, Hourly Time Signals, Button Operation Tone w/ On/Off, Regular Timekeeping w/
    12/24 Hours Display, ,
  • Full Auto Calendar (Day/Date/Month)
  • Dimensions: 49mm (d), 14mm (t), 23mm (Lug Width).
Caliber: 5590

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Aviator Smart-Casual/Utility
  • Stainless Steel Case & Bracelet w/ Deployment Clasp
  • Mineral Crystal
  • Analog Display of Time, Date & Power Reserve
  • Luminous Hands And Markers
  • Rotating Bezel
  • Screw Down Crown and Case Back
  • 100m WR
  • Dimensions: 43mm (d), 12mm (t), 22mm (Lug Width).
Eco-Drive Caliber: E111
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Military Go-to/sem-formal
  • Stainless Steel CaseStainless Steel Case w/ Screw-in Case Back.
  • Leather Strap w/ Buckle Clasp.
  • Mineral Crystal
  • Analog Display of Power Reserve, regular time w/ luminous Hands And Markers, Date, ,Insufficient
    Charge Warning Function.
  • Overcharge Prevention Function
  • Pull/Push Crown
    100m WR
  • Dimensions: 42mm (d), 11mm (t), 21mm (Lug Width).
    • Eco-Drive
    Caliber: J810

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Orient Star Automatic Dress
  • Stainless Steel Case w/ See Through Case Back.
  • Mineral Crystal
  • Analog Display
  • Power Reserve
  • Open Heart
  • Pull/Push Crown
  • 50m WR
  • 50m Water Resistance
  • Dimensions: 40mm (d), 13mm (t); 20 mm (Lug Width).
Automatic Movement
Caliber: F6R42
22 Jewels

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Seiko 5 Sports Flieger
  • Stainless Steel Case w/ See Through Case Back
  • Mesh Bracelet w/ Deployment Clasp
  • Hardlex Crystal
  • Analog Display
  • Luminous Hands And Markers
  • Time, DayAnd Date Display
  • 100m WR
  • Dimensions: 39mm (d), 13mm (t); 22 mm (Lug Width).
  • Automatic Movement
    Caliber: 4R36
    24 Jewels
  • 21,600 bph
  • Power Reserve ~40 hours
  • Hand Winding (Clockwise)
  • Bi-Directional Rotor Winding
  • Magic Lever
  • Hacking seconds
  • Seiko Diashock Anti-Shock System
  • ETACHRON Regulator System
  • Shows Hours, minutes, central seconds, day/date calendar
  • Japan-made

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Presage Cocktail Automatic
  • Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Case w/ See Through Case Back
  • Leather Strap
    w/ Buckle Clasp
  • Hardlex Crystal
  • Brown Textured Dial
  • Brown Textured Dial
  • 50M WR
  • Dimensions: 40.5mm (d), 11.8 mm (t); __ mm (Lug Width)
  • Automatic Movement
    Caliber: 4R35
    23 Jewels
    21,600 bph
  • Power Reserve ~40 hours
  • Hand Winding (Clockwise)
  • Bi-Directional Rotor Winding
  • Magic Lever
  • Hacking seconds
  • Seiko Diashock Anti-Shock System
  • ETACHRON Regulator System
  • Shows Hours, minutes, central seconds, date
  • Japan-made

What makes them best watches for the young adults into professional studies?

1.Tommy Hilfiger Clark: Understated elegance backed with a sharp, genteel appeal, the Clark from Tommy Hilfiger s a modern watch that exhibits a classical design; yet manages to pull in as peppy feel. It’s laid-back, unpretentious and highly adaptable to a wide range of dressing styles.This seamless blend between classic and casual actually gets a lot going on as you allow it to grace the lines of apparel you’ll wear in not-so-strict formal environments.
Built according to modern sensibilities, the classy and quiet calm of the Clark allows you to wear the watch with confidence anywhere you go – to the classrooms or to the internship – in fact, the simple design effortlessly goes into looking great within a large multitude of social settings.
2.Ferrari Scuderia Primato Chronograph: A watch with Ferrari inscribed upon it – to us commoners – immediately raise an alarm in dreadful, anxious anticipation of a colossal price. That’s how Hublot made us perceive the Ferrari watches. Hublot, by the way, is an official Ferrari partner holding the charter of building high-end watches for the automotive legend since 2011. As per the law of equilibrium, the expensive timepieces with Ferrari’s name on them thus must be balanced with a collection
bearing the same name from other well-known brands, only that they don’t cost as much. So moved in Movado, to offer Ferrari cool watches for those who are not millionaires but won’t compromise on a watch’s good build. .The Movado Scuderia Ferrari brand of watches proudly places the prancing pony atop their visual playgrounds. However, you’ll not find any mention of Movado on the watches. The Scuderia Ferrari watches are made in Italy for automobile fans and specifically, Ferrari fans. The Primato chronograph is a decent thing on a budget from this collection. It’s a sophisticated, neo-classic chronograph model, uniquely designed to express their compelling technical character. Elegantly sportive; powered by precise quartz engines the Scuderia Ferrari is for the new watch aficionado with refined tastes with a preference for maintaining schedules.
3.Hugo Boss Ikon Chronograph w/ Tachymeter: The Hugo Boss IKON Chronograph watch runs on a Japanese Quartz movement with stopwatch and 24-hour time tracking functions other than regular timekeeping.
Elegant and sophisticated, this is not for law or business school students. It is for them pursuing the technical sides of education and for those who enjoy speed sports. It is not for crisp business suits but it’s undeniably stylish as a smart, casual piece anywhere else.
4.Casio Edifice Scuderia AlphaTauri Limited Edition Solar: This high-spec, super-slim Edifice model comes with phone-linking capabilities, which makes this function-packed metal chronograph always push your limits! The Solar movement ensures you’re never out of running power. The new movement mounting technology uses newly invented components and structural concepts reducing case thickness by 30% compared to other Casio phone-linking modules.
The AlphaTauri Limited Edition is built in collaboration with the Scuderia AlphaTauri F1 team sponsored by EDIFICE. The watch uses 6K dry carbon as one of its chief building materials; the same material used for the wings and floors of F1 cars.
The Bluetooth smartphone link helps the watch to adjust to local times immediately as you cross time zones and simultaneously displays the time in one of the 300 cities around the world.

5.G-Shock Carbon Core Guard Digital/Analog: It’s a G-SHOCK with an urban outdoor style. The Carbon Core Guard is a structural invention by Casio that further increases the toughness of G-Shock. The fine resin (case material) incorporates carbon fibre reinforcement for extraordinary rigidity that stops shock-induced damage and deformation. The case back, too, is a two-layer structure that protects the watch from impacts from the back. The button structure is also shock-proof and therefore, doesn’t need additional crown or button guards.
6. Citizen Aviator: Citizen captures the vintage spirit and decks it up with modern touches and adds a compass function. Citizen ensures the Aviator to be a thoroughly contemporary timekeeping instrument that can be used by anyone and not by just real pilots. It excels at being a fun and functional cool watches that can be used without mercy on a daily basis. With a self-power generation mechanism, you don’t need to take it for battery changes ever, which further ensures the factory seals and settings stay intact for at least a decade. The crown with large, protruding chequering ensures you get a firm grip on the crown even when you are wearing gloves.

7. Citizen Military: Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology is so popular that they decided to use it even in their vintage-styled cool watches, which takes their capability higher than any mechanical or quartz piece. This time, they put up a really strong suit by creating a grab-and-go watch for every purpose, even with formals to a regular workplace. This is a no-maintenance watch, provided you give it a daily wipe and don’t let dust, grime and dirt accumulate at its different crevices. A surprising factor is it has a domed crystal, which aids further in getting a magnified, clearer view of the dial. The surfaces are a mix of brushed and polished finishes, adding plenty of visual appeal. Despite its Flieger influences, the case imparts a feel that’s more like a general field watch with +15 seconds accuracy per month.
8. Orient Star Automatic Power Reserve: Incredibly stylish, it’s a watch for every formal social setting including conferences and other corporate gatherings. The case, movement and finishing are superb and the Orient in-house Cal. F6R42. The movement allows both hacking and hand winding. The power reserve indicator is not only visually impressive but also lets you know when your watch needs some feeding. The AR-coated sapphire glass, solid end links and a 100m water resistance is a combination that creates an evergreen, dynamic design. It is a great watch to wear every day to the office!
9. Seiko 5 Sports Flieger: Seiko is one of the top cool watches companies worldwide that has been able to make a statement by offering world-class cool watches at prices that amaze! The Seiko 5 are real watches built by a real watch company and despite being entry-level automatics, their character and personalities are unique!
Mechanical excellence that brings you that cool, swank swagger! Expect everything about this watch to be built in-house, including the lubricating oil inside.
The simple, vintage Flieger style is a new addition to the Seiko 5 Sports collection. Based on the military style, the layout of Flieger watch is clear and easily legible. Robust, reliable; with a Milanese mesh bracelet in stainless steel inspired by the chain-mails of medieval Europe, it encases Seiko’s fifty years of reliability, performance and value through the lines five core features. Inside beats a 4R36 automatic movement with +20 seconds/day of accuracy. The crystal is Hardlex.
10. Seiko Presage Cocktail Automatic: The Seiko Presage was once exclusive to Japan but good things can’t be contained for long. Their praise escaped geographical boundaries and along the way, glorified further the glamorous, jet-set Japanese cocktail bars. Its slim, polished markers and delicate curved hands and dial colour are reminiscent of the cocktail Manhattan and the sleek and svelte glass it is served in. The in-house, automatic movement incorporates the Trimatic design, which is a Diashock shock-absorbing system and a fast-winding, Magic Lever system with reduced friction incorporated together. Both are made from extremely durable and strong Spron alloy.

Winding up

The millennial generation, though have several good points about going bare-wristed with all their essentials tucked into a single digital device residing hidden in their respective pockets, bags etc. you can’t really deny that against the backdrop of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and the likes, digital devices pale in relevance to the timepiece that was created to deliver the most critical information that mankind relied upon – TIME – according to which, you would advance or hold your move.
Wearing the cool watches, therefore, is your way of honouring the age old relation men share with Father Time. But let’s cut philosophy out and look at the practical side to it.
Strapping on a watch is both smart and mature, since it eliminates awkward bodily movements amidst jam packed lecture rooms; inside the labs and the workshops and yes, a watch definitely elevates your appearance, irrespective of whether you are clad in formals or casuals. Besides, if your chosen watch has additional functionalities that help you to track things more than just passage of time, that’s an added advantage in the fields of technical marvels.
Overall, a watch is must for the young adult who is a schedule-driven socialite!
Keep dropping in to leave your replies below. State which one from the above watches you’d like to go for the most and also, for what?

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