This is a new color variation for the protrek lineup of thin watches with triple sensor capabilities built in. The basic color of this model is black. Black cover, black screws and black buckle. The LCD features the first light on the black display for a PRO TREK model to match the overall design. The dark colors are offset by gold accents around the face, creating a truly special look. The sharp design of this new model comes packed with all of the advanced features and function for which PRO TREK is famous.  The built-in sensors of this watch measure direction, barometric pressure, temperature and altitude. Measured values are then shown on the display. This watch is preset with a number of city codes, each of which represents the time zone where that city is located.  This watch also has a daylight saving time which advances the time setting by one hour from standard time. This watch features a built-in magnetic bearing sensor that detects terrestrial magnetism. This means that north indicated by this watch is magnetic north, which is somewhat different from true polar north.

This Casio pro trek tough solar watch has a features of barometer and thermometer. This watch uses a pressure sensor to measure air pressure and temperature sensor to measure temperature. The watch’s altimeter uses a pressure sensor to detect current air pressure which is then used to estimate the current altitude based on ISA preset values. Altimeter functions also include storage of measurement data in memory. This watch has a five independent daily alarm and hourly time signals. This watch also has full auto calendar up to year 2099. The accuracy of this watch is +/-20 second per month. This watch is a very light weight watch with only 59g. This watch also has stopwatch function, world time function and count-down timer function. This watch shows both 12 and 24 hour time format. The water resistant of this watch is 100m. This watch is really a great  solar powered watch.

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Some Important Features:

Casio Pro Trek Tough Solar Triple Sensor 100m Watch PRG-110Y-1V
Casio Pro Trek Tough Solar Triple Sensor 100m Watch PRG-110Y-1V

Hour, minutes, second, year, month, day, day of the week
Time format: 12hour or 24 hour
Calendar: Full auto-calendar pre-programmed from the year 2000 to 2099
Digital Compass
World time
30 cities (29 time zones)
Other: daylight saving time/standard time
Countdown timer
5 daily alarms
Hourly time signal
Case diameter: 46mm
Weight: 50g

This watch is available for US $210.00 with us
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