Welcome back to the Dive zone. This one should have been up by last evening but well, wasn’t really feeling to sit down after a hard day’s work. However, this midweek being surprisingly calm and placid – seems everyone missed their siestas for a bit too long – there’s no point in wasting time. We are due for the Seiko Pro-Spex.

Before we start, ProSpex Divers are not eye candies and meant for greater depths than you have probably ever thought of in your worst nightmares. Unless a professional diver, you will find little to no chance for testing their fullest mettle; however, wearing one will definitely make the unknown people around you wonder if you are one. If image is all that you care about, don’t look back.

The simple truth about the ProSpex is they are just functional tool-watches with high degrees of accuracy (including the hands/marker alignments; all three). They sport a perpetual calendar and battery life is really long, all backed by the legendary Seiko quality. What’s there not to love?

That’s a fairly limited list for a limited number of people hating quartz movements (some of the ProSpex have) and bulky watches.

That’s all about it. The rest have regarded the ProSpex as quintessential, high-end tool watches from Seiko drawing from the original Seiko diver watch – the 6217 and way different from the standard Seiko mechanical line-up. The PROSPEX is all about expensive materials and cutting-edge technologies and has almost become synonymous to TUNA.

That’s again a mystery to the uninitiated, so here it is: The Marine Master resembles a tuna can and its simplicity is its biggest USP. There are quite a few variations to this specific model (both on depth-ratings and movements) with the largest being the Emperor Tuna. It’s huge and works fine even when 1,000m deep. The Seiko in-house caliber (8L35; built on the 9S55 from the Grand Seiko line) beats at 28,800 vph, allows hacking and stores power for 50 hours straight. All that makes the movement fit to last in extreme environments. No frills or gimmicks; just optimum durability for the deepest, roughest oceans. And that applies for every other member in the ProSpex lineage: The Landmasters, the Fieldmasters and also the spring-drive ProSpex-es.

But wait, we came here to talk about the Marinemaster; its build quality, its movement and all the badass-ness it has got. No need, for certain things are best experienced than to be read about.