A word of advice from Gonzo: NEVER, EVER go for a digital watch unless:

  1. You got some real hots for the digital format.
  2. Some particular digital model tickles your fancy.
  3. You are into a very, very active lifestyle and inclined to the adventurous side of life.

Digital watches are mostly sleek and sporty and meant for those who are always on the go. Their multi-feature, tech-savvy demeanor is certainly not for the couch-potato. Those who are, kindly settle for an analog piece – a simple one that is – without too many complications going into it. They don’t suit a life that’s neither high-energy, nor on-the-go. But then again; a simple digital watch requires no maintenance at all and if solar-powered, suits personalities avoiding responsibilities by any means.

Most of you are thinking Gonzo to be judgmental, polarized or even a bigot; but well, Gonzo speaks from his experience and according to that, you need to upgrade your lifestyle to an active one if you want a modern, digital timekeeping device to keep your company. Just because you want it is not a reason enough; unless:

This point onwards, we will only talk about those digital pieces that are substantial in outdoor usage. With these, you can:

  1. Track your workout.
  2. Count the number of steps you took while jogging.
  3. Count the minutes you took to finish your laps.
  4. Do calculations.
  5. Get tide and ebb data.
  6. Obtain moon-phase data.
  7. Countdown to better your performance.
  8. Stay informed about weather and temperature.
  9. Detect your geographical position or location.
  10. Find out direction, altitude, temperature and depth under water.
  11. Set alarms and timer.
  12. Detect time at multiple zones.
  13. Store info.
  14. Measure the distance traveled and check the heart-rate too!

Whew! That’s more than a dozen of functions! Simply said – You never have to stop moving ahead when you use a digital watch. They are also the most durable; many times more than mechanical timepieces, which make a digital watch, handle any sort of adversity outside the four walls.

The most important part; however, to most of us, is: A digital watch, while being much, much more reliable and functional than a mechanical piece; costs peanuts compared to their mechanical cousins. They are also much more precise with their data, which determines the success or failure of your outdoor endeavor.

Do anything that you might like with a digital watch. They will handle nearly everything you might want on the Earth. Sure, it won’t brew you a coffee at the dead of the night or early in the morning, but it will surely make you aware when it’s time for one!

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