Citizen doesn’t rest on its laurels. Their world time watches are around for quite some time with different other function-combos, including chronographs but they noticed certain gap within this line. There were no dress chrono with world time functions so that’s where they planned to cash in. The outcome is the AT81 series and Heaven knows they are more attractive this time! Available in three different versions – steel and gold, gold and leather and an all–steel, they represent a stunning array of technology, making them impressive as well as versatile.

These Citizen Eco-Drive World Time Atomic watches utilize the same technology as their Blue Angel brethren, only more refined this time. Operations are also on the same note – pull the crown, move the chronograph’s seconds-measuring hands to the desired city name on inner chapter ring and bingo! You got the desired time! The hour and minutes hands adjust automatically thereafter.

The dial layout is also bit different – let’s say simplistic – this time. Gone are the busy markings and a whole lot of other mind-boggling tech stuff; what you get here is a neat layout comprising just three sub-dials and a date window. The day-display (it’s a perpetual calendar!) has taken a whole new twist; look at the sub-dial at 6 to see how it has been organised. On its flip side, it shows you the different modes the watch can be operated; select one and there you go. Chronograph, world time or normal time-keeping mode, it call can be selected with the pulls, turns and twists of the crown.

But some might ask whether the 24-hour indicator is really necessary; to them, the answer is both “yes” and “no”. Firstly, it helps to create a balance in the layout design; next, you only find it useful when you are staying away from the Sun for a few days at a stretch. Or, when your watch is completely drained of power and you need to re-adjust without any radio-signal around. It’s a rather personal preference for usability but there’s no denying the 24-hour sub-dial enhances the look.

The mode selector/day-indicator hand performs one more function, which is, it also acts as the power reserve indicator. A push of the lower right button (while the crown is closed) does that. This Citizen model, like others, updates with the radio control signals once a day. You can confirm it later or opt for a manual update, whichever suits you.

All said and done, if you want to remove the factory settings and put them in once again, the Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled World Time watch gives you the option to RESET. Just make sure you charge the watch fully before going for it.

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