Someone asked about how he should pick out the perfect watch for his wedding ensemble – not as the man in his own marriage ceremony but on his side. There’s a doubt that he wants to clear up. So, let’s break some misconceptions today.

I have seen North and East Indian marriage ceremonies and I’ve witnessed what extravagant display of riches could mean. But there is a lot of bad information out there about pairing one of the most important accessories (other two being glasses and the pen) a man can ever have and certainly, a Diesel is not for the wedding unless you are one of the teen attendees. At that age, just anything goes.

Owning truckloads of money doesn’t mean you should spend mindlessly on a watch. You do not own a watch to show your wealth, but your good taste, a fine, balanced judgment and an appreciation for value. Presage’s origin and existence, both proves it is a fine balance between money, making and matter.

If that’s getting too complicated, let’s get down straightaway to what your perfect choice should be. This will definitely make you miss the thrills of an elite game but will fetch you more time to go shopping for the other goods. But you must also know why I’m suggesting you this particular name. Without that much lowdown, wearing a Presage is simply posing for class.

The Urushi Presage is all about a long-lasting beauty and performance rooted firmly in the Japanese tradition and offers the very highest levels of reliability and durability over time, even generations. And above all, you get a true luxury at an affordable price.

For the kind of wedding outfits popular in the aforementioned regions, the Presage makes the perfect choice. It is an example of fine mechanical watch making from Japan and some of them are exclusive; say, with enamel dials. It’s the century-old traditions Seiko puts into the Presage, now developed and refined further with the latest technologies. They are as good as some of the Grand Seiko-s.

Your perfect watch is one of the fine examples of Japanese artistry built with the most exclusive, traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The pure, deep black of the Urushi lacquer on the dial brings its deep black lustre, which will get better with the passing years. Hand-painted and polished, it is something exclusive that’s not available all the time. If you like the multiple needles look, the Presage gives you a great chance to fulfil your fantasies.

If black is not quite your choice, then you may also check out this white dialled version. This won’t have the lacquering, but it certainly looks much grander than the black in my eyes.

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