I often regret that my watch-collecting began pretty late. My younger years saw more of junk jewelry and a Timex (deep blue dial on gleaming, partly textured steel) that kept parity with the rest. Still back, it was cheap, digital watches; you were KING if it had alarms. I wish we had the G-Shock: G-LIDE Series back then. Casio’s Classic series that is; there are also the Premium-s and Specials. However, some of the Premium-s I noticed look as simple (or even more) as the G-LIDEs and they seem to fit nicely into a multitude of settings. You certainly won’t expect to wear them on formal, business atmospheres but definitely on a business trip. From the skies to big, technocratic settings and those that are hell lot tougher – say, extreme weather conditions or a challenging rocky climb, the exclusive materials and very high-end workmanship will keep them bleeping (and beeping) throughout. Some of the designs are indeed striking in their simplicities, this CASIO G shock Radio Atomic Controlled Japan Made GW-5000-1JF being one. A stylish deviation from the general idea of a watch or just sticking to the very basics, esthetically; whichever you take. With advanced features (radio signal reception being one), you won’t run short of ideas to keep other’s guessing. Two more in this category are the Casio 30 Aniv Limited Edition GW-5530C-1JR and the Casio G-Shok Radio Atomic Controlled MultiBand 5 GW-5500-1JF.

The others in the Premium sect are on the bulkier side, such as the Sky Cockpit Triple G Resist line and the Gravity Defiers. The SKY COCKPIT is the toughest of all Casio-s; its structure is also resistant towards centrifugal gravity. The GW-A1000FC-1AJF is a prominent example of this, while for the Gravity Defier, it is invariably the GWA-1000FC. There’s one thing common but; they all come equipped with smart access properties that help bring sensibility to individual functions.

The tough never retires. Neither built-tough watches.