• September 4, 2014
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I asked for a day, so here it is. But before that:

I’m often getting poked on my sudden liking of a conventionally-powered quartz watch and I’m not the only one. When Solar-fans turn to batteries, there must be some serious cooking going on inside!

I can hear a lot among you are already swearing at me for spoiling the trip right in the beginning, but honestly speaking, I was just trying to build up the suspense. But then again, it’s built to look like some-serious-cooking-going-on-inside,so I don’t see a problem.

There are many like the G&S pair who like to go hassle-free; if they are shunning the ERA 300 aside just for it being batteries, you are losing a great deal! Battery doesn’t always mean just a focus on marketing and while Casio doesn’t have a heritage like Seiko, it offers more on unique features. Occasionally, even battery-quartzes can highlight the mid-tier section and the ERA 300 just does that! The fact that they run on batteries that need changing every two years no way clouds my opinion on it! No way!

My personal favorite is the ERA-300B-1AV from the Spring 2014 Edifice Premium range, which carries a fair bit of dusty, racing testosterone! What hits instantly is the red/black contrast; the red seems to appear from about nothingness and above it. IMHO, it gives the watch a very strong appearance, adding to its design elegance not very common at this price point.

Definitely it’s the neon illumination that I was after but somehow, I found others either too formal or too jazzy. But this rubber strap version has something dark about it; the matted-steel sides darkening the face more and it giving prominence to the red hands and markers. It gets into a cycle and strange as it may seem, it doesn’t let the thing get boring.

Okay, that was just about much on its appearance; now to the tech-side of it.


I really can’t comment on the twin sensor units on their engineering excellence or logicality; I’m well-versed to judge only the functioning of the compass and the thermometer, the things they drive, including a bearing memory. This whole package has done esceptionally well whenever put to use with no visible defect or uncertainty in reading.

A point that I missed earlier is another reason I liked the ERA-300B-1AV so much is it is a step ahead of the EQW1200 which I hold so dear to my heart. Not that I lost my interest in it; I can’t look hi-tech in semi-formal clothing otherwise. But this year I’m determined to pep up my wardrobe more than a bit; 40 is your second youth, so better make the most out of it!

Ultraviolet LED technology not just glows-up the watch, but the wearer too! You can adjust how long the duration should be! Set it and if you are single, you can stun the girl on the next bar stool how well you command your gadget! Tilt and tell the time! It’s that simple.

1 comment on “The ERA 300: Casio starts a new era in sports quartzes

  1. I was about to buy a eqw-a1200 and you run out of stock! So my choice turned on the eqs-a500 or the era-300. You finished to convince me for this one, in blue for me, but i think I would buy a eqw-a1200 if you had one.

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