If you are looking for a gift for a loved one and that loved one happens to be a lady (hint, hint :)) then I have just the perfect gift suggestion for you : a dimanod watch! Everyone in the world knows women’s fascination with diamonds (men don’t really understand it, but atleast we know it). A watch is a great gift for any occassion : be it a birthday, be it an anniversary or be it for christmas. Combine them together  and you get a really great gift: a diamond watch. we at CreationWatches carry the Seiko Permier Diamond range of watches. The most popular one of them is the SXD774P1. Isn’t it a beautiful watch?
Seiko Womens Diamond Watch SXD774
Seiko Women's Diamond Watch SXD774

The bezel is studded with 48 genuine sparkling diamonds. The dial is a mother of pearl. The design is very striking with the date dispay in the center. The roman numerals add another level of sophistication. The watch comes with a genuine diamond certificate from Seiko.