Once, a long time ago, a witty friend of mine had commented on the great stuff that money can buy: “Some make for good possessions but you wouldn’t want to possess them.” It runs through my head every time Valentine’s Day appears around the corner. Sounds like an evasive statement, but all I mean is a Valentine Day gift! My watch fanaticism has infected quite a few minds in my close circle – even some of those you really can’t call plutocrats. Whether it’s them simply jumping on the bandwagon or not (I’m none to judge that), it is simply hurting to see the huge money-spills over wonderful rubbishes to please their women and shifting numbers (followed by few zeros) from their bank accounts to others. These, perhaps, can make for a couple of burnout love-making sessions; not for the succeeding years that make even the best of loves fade.

I blame both cowardice and cupidity for such outcomes; there are ways much, much better to use that fund, so I decided to share my thoughts albeit I’m not accustomed advising on ladies’ watches. But it’s my brethren who are in a fix and I know the pains of dealing with obsessive-compulsive nature with an inferiority complex adding icing on the cake. Or, call it the last minute suggestions for the V-Day shopping that’s oh-so-important to some; anyway, the bottom line is: You are to gain. A couple of guidelines, though, to be followed first:

  • When you find your girl’s choice more intriguing than the watch, it is a problem. It makes all the ill-considered (and incomprehensible), overpriced (and sometimes, oversized) and embarrassingly stingy fashion watches pile up, after basking the wearer with the garish glory. You may get away with that with the rest of the world, but I won’t take you seriously, ever.
  • Those who are still not in the 5+-zero leagues put your money on watches with big value; not with a big name or a bigger price tag. Now, you are free to resist my recommendation but in future, you’ll live by it. For buying it once shall get you out of the rat-race-for-watches – if not for an eternity, then – at least till you throw your purchase deliberately under the wheels of Juggernaut.

So, we come to some of the reasonably respectable ladies’ watches but not strictly the diamond-encrusted, dainty, white-strapped femininity. These will definitely steer your woman towards a new direction and stop a cowering boyfriend/husband from spoiling his girl/wife out of helpless fear.

Check these out:

Bulova Fairlawn Diamond, Bulova Precisionist Brightwater, Citizen Eco-Drive Power Reserve and Calvin Klein Disco (Swiss Made).

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