Take a look at the range of watches at Creation Watches and you will find many that are linked with maritime practices. Timekeeping at sea has always been vital to navigation and, particularly with men’s watches, there is a tradition of producing watches that offer functions that go back to the early days of maritime chronometers. The Citizen Promaster AqualandEco-Drive Diver Watch is a model that exhibits such features, with its chronometer, stopwatch and rotating bezel, but do you know how far back in history such influences reach?

Citizen Promaster Eco Drive Aqualand Chronograph Divers Watch
Citizen Promaster Eco Drive Aqualand Chronograph Divers Watch

A Brief History of Time

It is a fact that all modern watches have their roots in the marine chronometers that first came to the fore in the 18th century; in fact, it was early in the 1700’s when the word ‘chronometer’ was first used in application to a timepiece. It meant something very different back then, and now refers to a tested and accurate watch that offers various functions. The first models were an attempt to help with navigation at sea, as knowing the precise time was (and is) essential to accurately understanding where your ship was positioned. The problem was that precision movements of the type needed were not yet available.

Harrison – and the Birth of the Modern Watch

In response to a completion set by the British government in the early 1700’s a carpenter from Yorkshire by the name of John Harrison designed a clock that was balanced in a way that had not been achieved before. In perfecting his design over the years he came up with the foundation for the movement that we see in every modern day chronometer. You wristwatch owes a lot to Harrison, and to the quest for exploration by sea.

Modern Chronometers – a Minute Wonder

If you take a look at the movement of your Swiss Watch you are looking, in miniature, at a modern development of Harrison’s most refined movement. Today, watches are made with incredible accuracy and often by craftsmen who strive to produce the most effective and efficient movements. There is much to be said for the many Mens Watch that take a cue from the maritime timepieces of old and, of course, we should remember that aviator’s watches were subject to a similar level of development when aircraft became reality. A watch really is a thing of wonder, so make sure you enjoy yours to the full.