Morellato Gaia: Precious in feel, fun in reality

Greek mythology portrays Gaia as Earth. Some believe that she is the Goddess/spiritual embodiment of the earth. And thus, the Morellato Gaia exhibits itself for different moods. The connection is clear. The down-to-earth designs of the Gaia collection represents the carefree, gritty yet chic women who like to dress as their emotions go.

Tenderness and elegance cohabits in the Morellato Gaia collection, in each of the models. Contrary to the Drops collection, it is enriched with a different charm that’s more versatile and can be worn on a normal day when you want that bit of sophistication that doesn’t appear too dressy.  It is comparable to the Venere and the Luna lines, which we are going to stock very soon.

The kaleidoscope of emotions every Gaia watch brings is soothing yet energetic; helps you rediscover the whimsical and lighter sides of life. Despite their somewhat dressy looks, they are built tough as a nut! Doesn’t matter whatever activity you are engaging into, the toughness of these apparently delicate-looking watches will take you by surprise. It’s the magic of high-grade stainless steel, hardened mineral crystal glass and high-end, workhorse Japanese quartz movements!

The Gaia collection is readily notable for their absolute cleanliness of the dial and exquisitely designed steel bracelets. They make sure that you do not end up missing a fun moment just because you thought your watch would fall off! The clasp bites the knob too hard for it to slip away, no matter whatever the reason might be.

Gaia watches are refined and simple as opposed to the bright and colorful Morellato Sensazioni Summer collection, which is another world of emotions to explore. As for Gaia, they are extremely feminine with timeless designs that appear quite romantic, suitable for an urban lifestyle. They double up as an everyday wear for them who know things or two about dressing elegantly for everyday.

All those aside, the Gaia are a compact and make a practical choice if your lifestyle doesn’t allow you too much time to maintain what you use.  They are durable timepieces, which hold up excellently against a continuous, dispassionate use. Rarely would you need to be attentive about any mishandling that might occur; they return to work better than ever!

The Morellato Gaia is essential to embellish outfits that are somewhat austere in their appearance; the cutting-edge technology used to shape and create each of them imparts a fascinating fit and finish that brings out the best in the high-grade stainless steel used for its overall construction. Combine with any kind of accessory without ever thinking about being out of place, or sloppy, or messy. The Gaia shall always pull through smoothly amidst a bumpy, fashion avenue!

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