Morellato:  Preciousness with precision

A watch doesn’t just mark time. It does much more than that; most importantly, it gives a fair idea about who you are and your preferences. It hits the subconscious!

It’s not just a man’s thing anymore; who are usually happy with its utilitarian properties, build and material qualities. To men, ornamentation is purely technical. These points, in women’s watches, are found only among a handful.

Instead, they are often ornate. Not that there are no such pieces for men but otherwise, the equation turns a whole 180o here. Ornate men’s watches, too, are almost very near to rarity.

An ornate timepiece is indispensable for any contemporary woman. It need not be necessarily Swiss! There’s no dearth of watch makers who are strewn all over Europe. There are not too many manufacturers like Morellato among them and their Drops collection has earned accolades for being a worthwhile, ornamental style accessory which also serves a purpose.

However, you must not think the Italian Morellato to be inferior to Swiss by any means. Italian design philosophies are different; one must not put it up against Swiss to compare. Fit, finish or materials; there are no stark differences as such. Many of the Morellato models house stock Swiss movements, if that’s what you are dying to hear! Chiefly quartz, many of the Swiss calibers end up being the same as in some of the most popular women’s Swiss watches; both mechanical and quartz. Oftentimes, you’ll also find a high-end Japanese movement tucked-in. Seiko also supplies for this manufacturer. But its true competitor, IMHO, is Orient!

Orient Analog Quartz FUNEL002C0 Women's WatchOrient is not about wholly mechanical watches anymore. They’ve opened a quartz section and half of what they make there are women’s watches! Seems quite a bit of an RND goes around in there. Nowadays they are much more stylish and charming; becoming synonymous to extraordinarily successful, luxurious, feminine designs and a distinct style at affordable price points.

Alright! Coming back to Morellato!  The brand doesn’t just create delicate, ornate and intricate wear-ables; it has at least one to go with your every outfit. There are many different styles to choose from – from the most feminine, elegant pieces to the most sporting and playful! The Ninfa (natural colors and elements in extraordinary forms) is for them inclined more towards refinement and contemporary touches; for more tender preferences, it’s the Scrigno d’Amore (precious charms in elegant steel bracelets); the elegant, peppy and playful Sensazioni in precious hues (gold and silver); some with colorful straps – the Sensazioni Summer line!

If I’ve been a poet, I’d say –

“Every Morellato women’s watch is a way of being! A world that makes jewelry and watches to mix freely! They bring a life of precious great lightness! And harmony!

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