It’s very easy to forget absolutely good watches amidst a plethora of brands chest-thumping. The Promasters are one such group that goes largely overlooked unless you are a professional with an eye for a proper tool meant for the field.

Along the days as one’s collection grows, at some point he (or she) grabs an isolated, self-sustaining, solidly-built timepiece; accurate and remarkably fascinating! This hunger is not felt till you come across one. Even if you plan! It’s suddenly you feel that surge – an impulse – that drives you towards procuring the piece you felt the hots for! It would be a grab-and-go option for you; pursuing ferociously its purpose every time when put to it.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver watches consistently come up as a choice under such circumstances and truth be told, some of them I hold dear to my heart. They will serve you quite some time, so it’s a great idea to put your money down on a Promaster. There’s something about their compact case styling; the care-free Eco-Drive movement and obviously, a low price. It doesn’t take too long to make a decision. And thereafter, you scream your praises from the top of the world (only figuratively, though).

Citizen, so far, has released an extensive number of Pro-Master models, some of which can feel pretty daunting at times, especially, some of the Aqualand Promaster-s and a few of the blacked-out versions. But they are also some of the most popular models; also in their class. Best thing is: At a price far lower than many that would make you immediately lose your lunch (or dinner, supper – anything) all over your floor, your desk or on your keyboard and desktop monitor, if you decide to compare and evaluate those far more expensive with an open mind.

The familiar Citizen design-concepts can be seen in every model; plus, the robust quality. Stealthy or modern luxury, there’s a package serving every taste and wrist size. They are absolutely killer watches if you know to pick according to your needs.

Even with options from many other brands spanning over this particular territory, the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver watches proudly holds their own. Flying, extensive travels, water and land sports, casual wearing – you’ll find at least one to suit your needs. There are also a few – an amazing lot – that bleep high on the tech radar! No, these are above chronographs. You might find the same material used and similar functions in another model, so getting a Promaster for the weekends and getting that one for the workweek makes sense. You are never cut out from the utility; just your exterior changes according to what the situation demands.

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