Citizen Ana-Digi Watches – Classic Combined Style

 Citizen Analog-Digital Vintage Retro Watch
Citizen Analog-Digital Vintage Retro Watch

Some of the most innovative watch designs have come from the Citizen range. This is company that has been making quality watches since the 1920’s, and today it is a name recognized the world over. Among the most impressive and original are those in the Citizen Ana-Digi range; as the name suggests, they combine the classic analogue dial with a digital readout, and the effect is something pretty special.

Take this model the Citizen Ana-Digi Thermometer Digital Dual Time JG2002-53E: it is a classic of its type, a beautifully designed and crafted watch that would like the part in any situation. The dual analogue and digital display is cleverly designed and the inclusion of a thermometer is a neat and useful touch. It’s a triumph in many ways, a thoroughly modern wristwatch that combines the traditional with the new. Dual time-zones can be monitored with ease using a Citizen Ana-Digi watch, and the alarm is another useful feature.

We love the square face design that is typical of the Ana-Digi range as it enhances the modern style; the choice of colours – from classic brushed steel to beautiful gold –also adds to the appeal.

Another model that took our eye was the Citizen Ana-Digi Thermometer Digital Dual Time Vintage JG2081-57E, a different take on the theme. This Citizen Mens Watch is a model that is altogether stylish with its sculpted and shaped case, and it looks very much of the 21st century. It combines all the features seen throughout the range including a 1/100th of a second stopwatch, a chronograph and a useful backlight, and is a statement watch in every way. Beautifully made and comfortable to wear, it is typical of Citizens notable quality and attention to detail.

The concept of the Ana-Digi range breathes new life into watch design and is a welcome change from the norm. These impressive-looking watches are among the most individual on the market today and make for great dress or casual wear. Citizen Watches has brought to the market a style that is quite unique, and that is not an easy thing to do in a world where classic, standard designs rule the roost.

We love the combination of unique style and varied functionality that the Citizen Ana-Digi range provides, and with prices that put this great range of innovative wristwatches within the reach of everyone there is much to like. If you want to be different, try a Citizen Ana-Digi watch for size.

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