Fossil watches on Sale, 10% discount to young urbanites, Fossil ain’t an unknown name. Watches that always appeal to the more stylish, being more focused on style, but not toward obsolescence. FOSSIL makes great watches for the money and don’t pretend to be something they aren’t. These affordable, mostly quartz-powered watches feature shapes and styles from passing trends, fixing them over those that lasted through ages. The current models in their line-up mirror from the Swiss; yes, even the over-sized, blacked-out ones! These hold the highest chances of being picked-up early; more so because of the additional 10% discount we’re offering on specific models with Coupon Code: FOSSIL, while check-out.

Fossil Quartz Chronograph Grant 50M FS4813 Men’s Watch
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Fossil Tailor Multifunction Quartz ES3713 Women’s Watch
49% off Shop Now

Fossil Nate Chronograph Black Dial JR1401 Men’s Watch
45% off Shop Now

Fossil Quartz Grant Blue Leather 50M FS5061 Men’s Watch
56% off Shop Now

Fossil Quartz Georgia Sand Leather ES2830 Women’s Watch
48% off Shop Now

Fossil Quartz Twist Taupe Cut Away 50M ME1098 Men’s Watch
34% off Shop Now

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