Disclaimer: The subconscious works behind colors we choose. For ourselves, for others! They tell a lot. But it is always better moving ahead, just being you. Let your color find you and mold itself around.

Let’s pick up from our earlier post on the same subject. It’s my sincere apologies to the readers for not being able to keep you entertained for so long. However, the dark clouds have given way to sunshine and I feel lively again!

We were discussing dial colors; in the sense, how dial colors – as a matter of fact, colors – help you make an idea about what the wearer will be like. At least, up to a certain extent. However, what I’m going to say is purely my observation and it’s not necessary that you got to agree with whatever Gonzo says. I suggest you verify Gonzo’s words against your own; whatever that you can gauge out of the color of the dial a person is wearing. It can work the other way round too, but that will be influencing your thoughts. Don’t start with a mindset.

A question remains: Don’t clothes too? Certainly; but in that case, you’ll need to follow a man’s (or woman’s) dressing pattern for quite some time to appear with a conclusion. Watches (unless you are a die-hard collector) are not something you own by dozens! None are telling you to draw a judgment then and there and you can’t – logically and in a sane mind- unless you have seen the same person wearing all in his collection. If he/she is strictly a one-watch-guy/gal, then you’ll require lesser time to form an idea.

Now, there are certain people who care peanuts about the color of the dial of a watch. They needed one and there it is! It tells time and perhaps, also day and date. Simple! That’s enough for them. It’s not that their dresses will necessarily be shoddy and unkempt; it’s just that they don’t possess a passion for watches. That’s alright, but we will keep them out of discussion, for now.

In my humble opinion, shades of blue – from navy blue to ice blue, sky blue and all other shades of blue portray a person to be calm and elegant. Navy blue (and all other darker shades of blue) relates to good, strategic decision making prowess, just opposite to the on-your-face, rushing-into-action red or lively-and-vigorous orange or bright-and-intelligent yellow! Black or white are standards that make a statement that bring a very subtle boldness. It’s mysterious and make gauging a person’s type becomes bit difficult. In this case, you need to observe and learn.

The two most common colors, however; depict a couple of things. Black is secretive, disciplined and harsh to certain extents; constrained, restrictive – even strong-willed, independent and least bothered about social stigmas and criticisms. It commands power.

White denotes less complexity in a person; or in the life of a person. It’s for the easy-going, stress-free! Gold accents often turn out to be the choice for the romantics; diamonds add to that a sense of pride! And class. If you see a gold accented, Swarovski crystal studded watch, chances are its diamond cousin is asleep home inside some drawer, waiting for a special (or very special) occasion to initiate.

Uncommon shades like purple, burgundy and wine red; gold, mother-of-pearl or any such color are for the good eccentrics! Their strength is in detecting different angles to a particular situation and help other see that too! Glitters among them – well, they are fun-loving too!

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