Citizens are for unique style statements that embrace latest technologies for a comfortable existence. It is endurance, credibility and reliability, all within the same package. Those who can afford more than one watch will often have a Citizen besides his own personal choice, while many single-watch guys chose a Citizen just because one suffices for all. There’s one Citizen for every person from every walk of life, so you must choose yours carefully.

The watch giant, so far, contributed generously – and regularly – to the watch-making domain. It shows through many among the innovative niche of wrist watches and continues since the LCD times, through the voice-recognition technology and touching eco-drive in the course of time. So, buying a Citizen just because of large numbers of warranties is kind of using the prized stallion for mowing the lawn. Same, if you are just showing off the kind of money you can throw around. An excellence exceeding 80 years is far more elegant and classy to be subjected towards a blatant see-me kind of chest-thumping.

Citizen Eco-Drive Multifunction AP4010-03E Mens Watch
Citizen Eco-Drive Multifunction AP4010-03E Mens Watch

But if not expensive, the hi-end Citizens are definitely high-priced, if compared to competitor watches and stay out of reach for many. The alternative solution to this is the online watch stores, where the same watch may come with an extra 10% discount. A reputed online store will never put up a defective piece for sale, so you got to verify well the reliability of the seller. That way, you will be buying from the surplus stock that didn’t move out of the manufacturer’s inventory. There are online sellers like Creation watches who are reputed, but this seller has a catalog to make you never return empty handed.

It starts with the Citizen Campanola watches, a high-end, hand-crafted series of complications (sometimes, more than one; hence Grand Complication) and the automatics (durable, gorgeous and accurate) and then the range goes up to those meant for professionals, like the Promaster series.

The revolutionary technology meets high-precision engineering in this series to create some unique timepieces for busy, active people going places, so the implementation of the Eco-Drive technology is fully justified.

Then comes the Radio-Controlled/Atomic watches that stay in sync through standard, time-indicating radio-waves (the stations are located at Germany, the U.S.A., Japan and China), ensuring an accurate time telling. And if you are a busybody travelling all over the globe, there’s the World-Time watches to benefit you; it brings you the ability to check time in 30 different time zones.

There are more, but for the time being, these are enough to suffice.