The Seiko Brightz Solar Wave Active Matrics watch takes you back to the days when Start Trek was hot. So anyone with a retro taste in accessories shall feel tempted towards the Seiko Brightz Radio Solar Active Matrix EPD watch and you can make a safe buy from here. This is one watch you wouldn’t need to replace batteries and adjust time, not even for the world clock or the auto-calendar or its functions.

Additionally, it detects everything about itself and lists them on the screen, so that you don’t have to remember all the tasks you have assigned to the device. That ranges from the current home time to the power reserve or the number of set alarms. Water resistant for up to 10m, it’s suitable for daily use 3 color variations in silver, gold and in black. So, to sum up the features and functions:

i. It resists water up to 10BAR, so appropriate for wearing in light to heavy showers.
ii. Features outgoing time transfer function, a dual-time display, sound demonstration, overcharge prevention and power-saving and a forced reception for results display.

Casio Classic Quartz Calculator CA-56-1DF CA-56-1 Men's Watch
Casio Classic Quartz Calculator CA-56-1DF CA-56-1 Men’s Watch

The Casio Classic Quartz Calculator watches had once been a hit amongst hi-profile finance professionals but otherwise, it is a handy stuff for daily usage. The all stainless steel build makes it sturdy and the tools (hourly time signal, calculator, one-time alarms, snooze, dual-time timekeeping etc.) are reasons behind, but none possibly greater than its status amongst innovative time pieces.

Beneath the calculative façade is a Chronograph (/100 Sec Stopwatch – 23: 59’59.99”) lurking making it suitable for a number of fields, from aviation to F1 and businesses. There’s also an auto-calendar (to year 2079) and 12 or 24-hour formats for timekeeping, both for alarms and dual time. As for its other features, see beneath:

i. A 8-Digit Calculator.
ii. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division functions.
iii. Water Resistance for 50m.
iv. Stopwatch with elapsed time and split time; also 1st and 2nd place times.
v. Dual Time indications, daily alarm and hourly beeps, with + 15 seconds accuracy every year.
vi. 5 years battery life.