The Review of Casio G-Shock Radio Atomic Controlled Riseman Multiband 6 GW-9200J-1JF

The Casio Men’s G-Shock Riseman Alti-Therm Atomic Solar Watch GW9200-1 is a technical timepiece with athletic style. Featuring a unique three-layer twin sensor that measures altitude, barometric pressure, and temperature, the ability to track information over time, and Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping, which lets calibration radio signals keep the time display accurate, this watch is ready to take on big adventures. Add Tough Solar Power, an Auto EL Backlight, a world clock featuring 29 time zones, and five daily alarms into the mix, and it’s tough to see how you could be more prepared for whatever lies ahead. Also offering a durable mineral window, resin band with buckle clasp, resin case, and digital-quartz movement, this watch is water resistant to 660 feet.

Inspired by those who challenge high altitudes, the G-Shock RISEMAN features a unique three-layer structured twin sensor to measure altitude, barometric pressure as well as temperature. Add in solar power and atomic timekeeping technology and you’ve got non-stop, self-adjusting performance that is the RISEMAN.

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The built-in sensors of this watch measures barometric pressure, temperature and altitude. Measured values are then shown on the display. Such features make this watch useful when hiking, mountain climbing, or when engaging in other such outdoor activities. This watch is designed to pick up the time calibration signals transmitted in Germany(Mainflingen), England(Anthorn), the United States(fort Collins), China(Shangqiu), and Japan (Fukushima, Fukuoka/saga). This watch adjusts its time setting automatically in accordance with a time calibration signals. The watch’s altimeter uses a pressure sensor to detect current air pressure which is then used to estimate the current altitude based on ISA(International Standard Atmosphere) preset values. You can specify a reference altitude, which the watch will use to calculate your current altitude based on the value you specify. Altimeter functions also include storage measurement readings in memory.

This watch uses a pressure sensor to measure air pressure(barometric pressure) and a temperature sensor to measure temperature. This watch takes barometric pressure measurements automatically every two hours, regardless of its current mode. The world time function displays the current time in 33 cities around the world. The stopwatch function of this watch lets you measure elapsed time, split time and two finishes. The alarm mode of this watch gives you a choice of four one-time alarms and one snooze alarm. The display of the watch is illuminated using an EL(electro-luminescent) panel for easy reading in the dark. The watch’s auto light switch turns on illumination automatically when you angle the watch towards your face. This watch is equipped with a solar cell and a special rechargeable battery that is charged by the electrical power produced by solar cell. This watch is preset with a number of city codes, each of which represents the time zone where that city is located. This watch also has battery power indicator and a power saving function. It has 12/24 hour format and hourly time signals. The accuracy of this watch is +/-seconds per month. The pressure sensor built into this watch measures changes in air pressure, which you can then apply to your own whether predictions.

This watch is available for US $361.00 with us.
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