• December 12, 2014
  • Saanto
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Remember the Bambino? As long as true, classic styles will be around, the name shall always be around; however, that’s not my point. It’s about a different set of Bambino-s…Neo-Bambino, you might say. Well, may be not that different, but evidently better and classier this time.

We’ll start with a few points that make the new Orient Bambino collection stand out from the rest:

  1. Much slimmer in appearance.
  2. A more delicate look resembling vintage pieces to make it seem manufactured sometime in the middle of the last century.
  3. Leather bands and material colors compliment each other.
  4. Intricate details that fortify its old look.

This new Bambino range shot up to glory with the white dial ER2400BW (or FER2400BW). It was an immediate hit with the classic-style loving crowd and vintage watch enthusiasts returned to take a second look. Technically, it’s just olde-worlde, but it’s a surprise how Orient managed to bring in that aged look. Using the original Bambino as its foundation and inspirations from the mid-1900s design arena, you might find the white dial ER24009W even classier!

Internally, they don’t bear much difference with the original Bambino. Its features and functionality remain the same; so does the three-hands for time and the 3 o’clock date window format. The dial in each is domed as it is in the original and underneath, in the ‘50s classic watches style, is an in-house, automatic movement (this one is caliber 48743). The domed crystal above matches directly to the edges of the domed dial, which creates a very graceful, elegant line that adds to the old touch. But then again, the vintage vibe wouldn’t be so much if not for the railway track around the dial.

The stainless steel case at 40.5mm is a fine balance between being small and big and takes care of the fact that many people avoid vintage-style watches because of their small size. The extra few mm takes care of the problem wonderfully unlike many others getting the equation wrong and making their watches comically large.

Orient paid extra attention to pair the polished and brushed finishes. Done according to the modern tastes; atop the brushed sides sits the highly polished and beveled bezel. All this makes the the new Orient Bambino collection a new addition the the domans of subtle elegance.

Should you like to wear one to work with your blue, pin-striped suit, the cream dial ER2400CN is a hot choice. It is also very suitable for corporate parties due to its truly modern-vintage demeanor. An apt choice for places where rose or yellow gold tone is not too welcome. Otherwise, the Roman numerals are good for just any place. And there is a surprise at 4’o clock, check it out.

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