My interest towards the Skyhawk AT-s is deeper than the previously discussed Nighthawks. I like my watch complex and the Skyhawk aptly fits the bill. Citizen nailed the design and went on putting functions to it. The present ones have them on different levels, allowing control of the sportiness vs. class factors. The Skyhawk takes multifunction to new levels. You don’t need to be nerdy to feel its sophistication.

Skyhawk’s Japan market models and international models do not bear a huge price difference. The JDM comes with a nice sport clasp and sapphire, so costs bit more than the international models. Either way, they are timepieces that do everything (except laundry, dishes and the other menial stuff) without keen upkeep. Eco-Drive’s greatest advantage is it keeps the factory sealing going for long and the charge-indicator on the face tells you when to feed it. You do that right and the watch keeps perfect time, never wandering +1 second of the actual time relayed to it. Its automatic, daily reset to radio broadcasts from atomic clocks (US, Europe and Japan, covering most of Canada, Mexico and Eastern China) except for the outer rims of Europe. Before you go for one, verify this tech-info or stay happy without the auto-reset working. In that case, +15 seconds every month will be usual. For US users, the reception will be excellent, even for East Coast (time broadcast from Colorado).

Those who fly will find the easy and quick shifts between time zones without resetting a useful feature. It comes helpful for even calling others in foreign countries. There’s no shortage of usual bells and whistles (countdown timer, chronograph, two different alarms and LCD backlight, to name a few) and the slide rule permit more than just rudimentary multiplication and division. One is finding your ETA while in mid skies.

But it’s not meant for under-waters. The 600 ft is okay for a swim (or two), also in the shower but definitely not for scuba diving.

Even then, Skyhawks are extremely useful watches if you need to know more than the exact time, as required many times during travels. It looks good, hefty and serious, drips quality and solidity. It is, beyond doubt, a sensible and utile assortment of useful functions and features. Unless you are pencil thin, the Citizen Skyhawk is your pie.