We already know when wristwatches caught up as a trend among men. The WWI soldiers benefitted immensely as pocket watches found a new abode on their wrists but well, what about them who are not exactly fighting a war on the battlegrounds? Especially now, when time is displayed almost on everything – From your computer screen to your handheld digital device; on the dashboard of your vehicle or at a public conveyance station and electronic billboards?

You are missing out on one thing: They are not always synchronized to your needs. Sure, they give you an approximate sense of time but often when every minute counts, it is vital that you keep track of every passing moment. You can’t do that without your personal time-tracking device and pulling out your mobile phone every two minutes or always carrying it in your hand is plain impractical. So, a watch on your wrist is justified. It makes your every action time to perfection; even at places where you are not allowed to carry a cell phone – like on the beach, at a funeral or at a wedding or even closed door, secret meetings. Checking time through a wristwatch is much more subtle and convenient.

Another thing is: Your mobile phone will require charging at least once a day.  A watch will not. They are built to work flawlessly through the years on a single battery and some of their cousins produce their own running power.

These are the solar and kinetic quartz watches and they do a hell lot more than your cell phone can. And they will survive environments where your cell phone won’t survive even for a minute!

A watch keeps you off distraction. How many times did you drift away with your social media comments and reactions only to realize you are just a few minutes away from your deadline? Avoid your rabbit-trail of activities and wear a watch to keep your focus intact!

Watches signal style. They fall in the category of acceptable jewelry where dressing up is looked down upon and is also considered rude. For men, they complete the Trinity of fashion basics, the other two being cuff links and a signet ring or a wedding band. They open up an entire avenue of self-expression, reflecting the brighter and darker sides of the wearer’s psyche, which means, a watch helps you to communicate with others’ subconscious! Whether it’s a high-status bling or a sophisticated charm full of aristocracy, the message is sent that you appreciate detailed art and form – a sign of human ingenuity and creativity, consistency and mental precision.

Unknowingly, you carry on your wrist a piece of legacy, the concept for which took form ages back unlike the digital devices of today.

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