• It has high styles.
  • Got a better than average quality.
  • Give no problems even after running for years.
  • It’s a great selection of fancy to conservative designs.

Strong points:

  • Comfortable as a daily wear with casual and formal clothing.
  • Different from other watches. Invicta Specialty watches are showy and useful at the same time.
  • They are accurate and reliable. A full servicing recommended at every battery change.
  • Excellent build.

Let’s explain

The question might look simple but then, it stuns with its simplicity. So does the Invicta Specialty. The Invicta Specialty Multi-Function Quartz  aside, the rest are round. Even the most gorgeous ones! The Specialties fit individual sense of aesthetics in their respective attempts to look better.

The above lines are not going to sit well with them who completely rely upon popular opinion. Assessing a brand is all about experiencing its product hands-on. My own opinion about these Invicta-s is they are worthy of a fair shake. Many will find the Specialty models attractive and there’s no denying that the elongated Multi function quartz is atypical compared to the usual less-than-dollar-hundred watch. Several mixed excellences make this ultra-affordable Specialty a novelty by itself. It’s a hard watch to miss! Its complicated dial looks busy; yet it looks good.

But the fun is…

Someone eyeing the Invicta Specialty isn’t at all concerned about how crowded the watch might look. Even those preferring cleaner dials and plainer designs admit the Specialty do look pretty good. They are not the half-a-million Swiss watches; that’s not the polish you’re going to find. The Specialty, instead, got clean enough looks and plenty enough things for the eyes to gawk at. Telling time requires commitment.

The Specialty series has numerous color schemes available. White, black, brown and golden form the most attractive versions but if you echo my sentiments about gold and white, the series doesn’t disappoint you either. There are plenty other design choices in this combination, which might make consumers, give mixed experiences which are either hit or misses.

How well a watch is finished, including how clean the case is (especially near joins) is a decent indicator of how well the movement inside is going to treat you. The Specialty’s looks pretty good in this regard. Assessing ambiguous reliability must not be flat-out ridiculous! Else, you wanting a watch with some cool factors might throw you towards a more expensive direction, offering very little or nothing at all for the extra price you pay. Instead, with the Specialty, you get a watch to feel great about. You’ll know with confidence something good is on your hand and you don’t need to look elsewhere.

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