Points to consider

Seiko opted for a different look for the Field Compasses. These models represent the creativity through an increase in its levels of conformity among the urban crowd who also like spend their leisure at the outdoors. Seiko brought out a considerable number of models, intriguing for their unique designs; so much that you’ll find them almost speaking to you from the other side of the glass.

The Field Compass watches also remove the stigma of JDM pieces not being available from Seiko for the rest of the world. Why it didn’t receive much press even after hitting globally is a different story altogether; let’s just call it negligence.

The truth about it

No, the Seiko Prospex Field Compass is not inspired by any other watch line. However, some of their short lugs not extending past the case do appear a bit like the TUNA; or the Baby Tuna. But their thickness, varying between 13mm and 14.4mm, they are far more wearable on a day-to-day basis versus bulkier field watches, which are not always a practical choice with your everyday clothing. The slimmer look of the Field Compass is a funky proposition by Seiko. And oh! It’s inclusive of the new Alpinist models.

The case sizes vary between 39mm and 43mm for the Seiko Prospex Field Compass, which is very much unlike the rest of the brand’s sportier lineup. The Alpinist Field Compass, for example, will face no trouble moving into a bar and banquet which, the usual Field Compass can’t; although you might as well wear one to work if you got no strict dress codes to follow.

Facts you should know

  • It is an internal rotating chapter ring that you control. It’s nicely made and looks like it could withstand a proper beating, along with the rest of the watch.
  • These modern takes on the idea of a field watch shows Seiko is no stranger to compass bezels.
  • The Alpinist series of the Prospex field watches is the more formal or refined among the series but are strikingly pure tool watches.
  • The field compasses are magnetic resistant up to 4,800 A/m.
  • Legibility is a cinch. Everything on the watch can be read well; the proportions seem to be spot on!
  • The crown with the bridge over it at 2:00 (for the Seiko Prospex Automatic Field Compass) rotates the internal compass ring. The bridge is an interesting alternative to traditional crown guards. The screwed-in winding and setting crown is at 4:00, sitting flush to the case; giving it an appealing instrument like vibe.

Final impression:

You can’t really argue with these kinds of things, no matter if you are indoors or outdoors.

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