Often I hear this question from my friends and relatives on which – among the three – is best. I do not find them taking much interest in Orient, so we will keep it aside for the time being. The reason I sat down to jot all that I think on the three brands is I’m tired of answering the same question many times over. I plan to mail all of them the link to this post and let them sort things out themselves. And that should take care of the rest whom I don’t know (personally and virtually) but are still bugged with the same question and frantically searching for an answer.

Of all things, I’ve even heard that Seiko is also a Swiss brand with their factory in Japan! No, it isn’t; all three of them – Casio, Citizen and Seiko – are Jap by origin. They are considered the Trinity of the Japanese watch-making industry and are mostly based on very unique concepts. However, the rumors that they are sending the Swiss watch industry towards an impending doom are also based on a falsified idea; the Swiss watches have a different market than the Japs. You don’t compare between apples and oranges. But well, some of the Seiko-s, Citizens and Casio-s are worthy rivals to the Swiss; not for the mechanical intricacies but for their utilitarian approach. You can’t wear a Swiss watch while out on a rough mission; it will pinch. That Omega made it to the space is a different context altogether; don’t judge the present scenario against it.

Now, the thing is, these three brands have a market presence greater than the Swiss brands all over ASIA and almost equal in the US. That’s because, technically they are no less than each other and to stay in the competition, they have come out with watch designs, features, functionalities and movements that would cost more than a pretty penny had they been Swiss. It’s a different thing that some of these Jap wonders cost as much as basic and mid-level Swiss luxury watches, but what they offer for that price is simple a dream to the Swiss watchmakers. If you want Swiss marvels within a budget, nothing beats these three Jap brands, even when it comes to gold plating, precious or semi-precious stones and all the related bells and whistles. Enough said; check out these three ranges (Seiko, Citizen& Casio) and all your remaining questions will be answered automatically.