• July 3, 2015
  • Watch Gonzo
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As soon as the Galant collection peeped up on the Creation Watches pages, questions poured in; far many more than I can possibly answer within the next few days. The Watch Gonzo sleeps watches, all right, but he also must eat, drink, shit, shave and shampoo. Can’t sacrifice the basic needs of life and he also needs some time out riding on his stallion (currently running on its 43rd year, a magnificent piece of machinery that was built in England many moons back) and feel the wind in his hair. The stallion needs a royal treatment and I must also take out the time for it. So I’ll try to answer the queries all at once and hopefully, you all shall get your answers. If you don’t, that’s not Gonzo’s fault. For additional queries to be answered, you got to wait for a bit more.

That’s not to say your queries exhaust me; by no means, never. In fact, I find them intriguing enough to continue my quest (c’mon, being Gonzo is different from being Mr. Know-it-all) but right now, I’m overloaded and beg to clear things off at one shot. I’ll try to keep it as interesting and vigorous as possible but can’t vouch for any unexpected pleasure. But certainly, an entertaining perspective is not something that’s impossible.

All right; now to business!

Let me mention it here that the Orient Galant has been the first choice for many who sought a tank-styled watch but were reluctant to go for the Cartier. Definitely, it’s the price point and then, you can’t use such a costly item with a free mind and on a regular basis.

This is certainly one of the reasons quite a few real Tank owners went for the Orient Galant; the rest went simply because they liked the shape at a lesser price point. Needless saying a large chunk among them admired the early 20th century Art Deco (stylized forms and geometric designs) style; the rest just found it attractive.

However, the slight difference you’ll notice is it is tad larger in width than the real Tank. But in a very manageable way, though; the Galant looks great even on wrists less than 6-inches around. It’s meant for those with willowy frames but its sternly masculine disposition makes a creative environment evolve around its wearer. But if by any chance you got girlywrists, stay away from the Galant; it’s not meant for you! For everything else, the Galant would do real nice.

Just like any other Orient, the Galant is all about value and quality, next only to the Symphony. It runs on Orient’s in-house calibre 46B40, a 21 jewel automatic movement with a hacking feature; a date complication, 24-hour display and a day-indicating sub-dial. With all that, I can’t really fuss about its +15 seconds of daily fluctuation!

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