• November 1, 2023
  • Watch Gonzo
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Watchmakers this year have done everything but twiddled their thumbs. From vintage tributes that’ll make you wonder if your grandfather’s timepiece just got a facelift to unorthodox designs defying traditional watchmaking constructs, 2023 is barely pausing for breath. Yes, even the calendar on your wrist is telling you to keep up with the times!

Our watch-loving spies have told us that loud colors are in this year. In your next corporate meeting, you might spot a neon green watch ticking audaciously amidst bland grey suits. And if you do, like a good horologist, take a moment of respectful silence for the watch world’s audacity this year. Speaking of which, allow me to introduce you to our notable new releases.

Rising with the Citizen Promaster Tough

The first notable watch trend is new release Citizen Promaster Tough. The Citizen Promaster Tough is a unique watch trend. It’s made from Super Titanium, which is said to be five times harder than stainless steel. Yeah, let that sink in. Well, moving on to another superpower —the Eco-Drive technology. This techno-wizardry allows any light source to charge the watch. So, no more late-night horror movie plot “my watch died” situations. Then comes the looks —it has got a dashing deep-green dial. Mind you, it’s not just any green, but like the deep, dark, mysterious forests where magical adventures await. And the white accents — as bright and pristine as your teeth. They make sure readability isn’t a game of hide and seek because who has time for that? There you go, a watch that’s as adventurous and quirky as you are.

All About the Song-Inspired G-Shock 6900

Let me break the watch trend to you gently, dear reader: a musical maestro and a watch retailer walk into a bar, no wait, a studio, and instead of bursting into a set list, they crafted a funky piece of horology! Yes, you heard it right! Ed Sheeran, the crooner who serenaded us with ‘Shape of You’ partnered with John Mayer and Casio, and the result? A wrist bling like no other, the G-Shock 6900 blows your typical celebrity endorsements out of the water.

Nothing screams Ed Sheeran like bright yellow, eh? This G-Shock is as loud as Sheeran’s fiery hair and just as extraordinary. It shatters conventions with watercolor splotches imprinted against the screaming yellow. The dial even features an abstract image of Sheeran’s face. And it’s needless to So, folks, if you’ve ever wanted to hold a piece of Ed Sheeran nearer to your pulse than your heart, this timepiece could be just THE ‘Perfect’ fit!

Stepping into Time with TAG Heuer Carrera

Back in the neon age of 1963, the “Glassbox 2447 SN” model of Carrera was the talk of every town and wrist, with its compact 36mm wide silver dial contrasting a duo of “reverse panda” subdials. Ah, good old days! But wait, do you hear that? It’s the melodious sound of nostalgia turning on its axis. The retro charm of the “Glassbox 2447 SN” is back in full swing. Only this time, it’s measuring a swole 39mm wide. Talk about an upgrade! Weighing heavy with the Heuer 02 automatic movement, the new beast comes at a price tag of around $6,400. Queued as a 600-piece limited edition, this particular Carrera may be an old wine, but its fresh, glossy bottle sure knows how to make heads turn and pockets lighter. It truly is a “Glassbox” of old charm with a notoriously irresistible new flare.

Racing Time with Porsche Design Chronograph 1

And now, fasten your seatbelts; we’re shifting gears to race through time with the Porsche Design Chronograph 1! Porsche Design took the wraps off this beauty just as the thrilling Grand Prix Ice Race 2023 was gaining momentum. Speaking of design and functionality, it comes with a horsepower-packed, chronometer-certified automatic movement, Porsche Design Kaliber WERK 01.240 revs under the hood. It’s like having a classic 911 Turbo engine compressed into a case smaller than your favorite coffee mug. The titanium case measures a comfortable 40.8mm, making it ideal for most wrists. And boy, oh boy, the 1972 vintage vibe of this iteration screams “retro cool” louder than a Mustang’s exhaust! Limited to just 250 examples, this watch is truly an understated luxury accessory ready to lap the competition.

Unraveling with Zenith Defy Skyline Skeleton

Have you ever wanted to peer into the soul of a mechanical masterpiece? Look no further, my friend – Zenith has heard your call. Their latest creation – the Defy Skyline Skeleton, is a horological wonder that boasts a unique skeletonized dial that gives you an intriguing peek into its inner workings.

Zenith doesn’t stop at giving you a beautiful view – they’ve also stuffed this timepiece with their acclaimed high-frequency El Primero movement. And if you’re asking, “El What-now?” just know this: with a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour, this movement is the Usain Bolt of watch mechanisms. Seriously, it’s like strapping a miniature supersonic jet engine to your wrist!

And as if the funky skeletonized dial and supersonic movement weren’t enough to tempt you, Zenith decided to throw in a pattern based on their old logo for good measure. Sounds irresistible, right? Don’t just take our word for it –see it for yourself.

Diving in with Ratio Freediver X

Searching for a wristwatch that goes beyond the mainstream and delves into the exceptional watch trend? Allow me to introduce you to the Ratio Freediver X, a timepiece fresh off the production line and ready to redefine what you expect from a watch. It strikes an unparalleled balance of cost-effectiveness, top-tier performance, and beguiling aesthetics that’ll consequently make it a worthwhile addition to any collection.

The Ratio Freediver X draws inspiration from the classics, resonating with the characteristic elements of vintage divers’ watches – timeless jewels that used to adorn the wrists of the bravest underwater explorers. Forget ‘water-resistant’; this watch is purpose-built for serious diving. With a 200-meter resistance, it’s more than equipped to accompany you beneath the waves.

The watch boasts an anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This ensures the pristine conditions of the watch, regardless of the rough-and-tumble of your adventures. Crafted from gleaming stainless steel, it makes a confident yet understated presence, turning heads without shouting for attention. Take special notice of the hands and markers, luminous and impeccably cool. They not only assure legibility in the most challenging situations but also add a stylistic edge.

Powered by the renowned Seiko NH35 automatic movement, the Ratio Freediver X punctuates any watch collection. As a bonus, it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket! Affordability, check. Novelty, double-check. The Ratio Freediver X is indeed a dark horse worth betting on in the world of horology this year.

Wrapping the Fantastic Year

If the horological scene of 2023 were a person, it’s safe to say they’d be a Technicolor Dreamcoat with swag and revolutionary innovation in all the right places. Now, hats off to Citizen for redefining the meaning of the word “Tough.” I got to be blunt; even the ghouls would blush to see that poppy yellow G-shock 6900. It’s like Ed Sheeran transformed into Pikachu. Brilliant, isn’t it? And while we’re at it, let’s raise a toast to TAG Heuer, Porsche Design Chronograph 1 GM, Zenith Defy Skyline Skeleton, and Ratio Freediver X for teleporting us back to the vintage era while making us feel futuristic. But hold on to your popcorn, folks, because 2023 watch trend is not over yet, so we will let the clock wind!