OCW-S1200-1AJF is slim design watch designed by Casio. OCW-S1200-1AJF is radio atomic controlled Oceanus Manta Watch.  This watch is a OCEANUS, solar-powered watch, combine high technology with sporty European design.  This watch has newest thin solar-power and radio controlled movement. This watch has Multiband Six capability for receiving standard radio waves from six transmitters around the world and a hands correction function that automatically adjusts the watch hands to the precise time, and a hybrid mount construction for added shock resistance.  The Tough Movement has achieved a more reliable radio-controlled watch which indicates accurate time around the world. The OCEANUS Manta achieves 10.5 mm slim styling that features a 5-motor, multi-function chronograph configuration.  The beauty of the metal surfaces from the side of case to the side of the watchband has been emphasized using an advanced Sallaz polishing technique.  The matte-finish time display with numbers that are etched in relief, gives the face a unique depth with a fine finish and multifaceted typesetting. The combination of this time display and a dual curve glass with a non-glare coating gives a high quality feeling and clear legibility.

This Casio Men’s Watch receives time calibration radio signals that keep the displayed time accurate.  A solar cell of this watch provides power for operation. This watch also has world time function. Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world. S: Current time in specific areas. SU: Current time in specific areas and areas defined by user. R: Current time in major cities around the world. Values indicate number of cities/areas. This watch has stopwatch function which measures accurate elapsed time with the touch of a button. The time figure indicates the maximum time measurement. This watch also has a two tone colored individual bezel ring indicates a city code and a tachymeter.  This watch has Artificially manufactured glass with the hightest hardness and scratch resistance. This watch also has full auto calendar and Allowances are made automatically for months of different lengths, including leap year.

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Some Important Features

Casio Tough MVT Radio Atomic Controlled Oceanus Manta OCW-S1200-1AJF
Casio Tough MVT Radio Atomic Controlled Oceanus Manta OCW-S1200-1AJF

Multi band 6
Tough Solar
Hybrid mount structure
Automatic adjustment for hands position
Made In Japan
Solar powered
Non reflective Sapphire crystal
Titan case & bracelet (Titanium Carbide finished)
50m water resistant
Day/ Date
Atomic Timekeeping Japan, USA, UK, Germany & China
World time 29 Cities
1/20-second stopwatch MAX 24min.
Count Down timer Max 60 Min.
Hourly time signal
Battery power indicator
Power Saving
Full auto-calendar
Case Size: 47.2 X 42.3 X 10.5 mm
Weight 90 g

This watch is available for US $1537.00 with us
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