Ultra-light sturdiness in a tech wrapping

Let me clear things right here. I’m not a pilot (and none in my close circuits is, bar one) so do not expect me tech-geeking all the way. It’s just a watch lover’s account on a great addition to the five Citizens I find oh-so-cool. Why? Because it’s easy to use, have great functionalities (yep, even if you are not a professional, you can use some of them in everyday life), looks sleek and masculine and doesn’t give away to a couple of bumps or bangs. This is the one I went for (I like the big size, hassle-free Eco Drive and the backlit LCD) and it certainly offers more than what meets the eyes. But then again, maybe you’ll find the Blue Angel Skyhawk better and if so, I’m all ears to hear about it. However, don’t expect my preference to change, though.

Now, while I am not too keen on the radio-control, it’s definitely a plus. I love to see amazed faces around me (since I’m no Tom Cruise, I need something else to draw the attention) and this Skyhawk packs enough oomph to make at least half the crowd turn and take a look. And one of those is the world time feature. I have clients from overseas, so no more delay in presentations or running behind schedules. As for my few friends settled in abroad, well, now I know exactly when to buzz their phones and not get cursed at. Moreover, I can set the alarm for a second time zone to remind me when to call.

I do not use the countdown timer or even the chronograph extensively (there’s not much chance except on Sundays when I go to watch horse racing) but the slide-rule definitely is a big aid to my daily chores. The only complaint I have is it doesn’t do the windows, the bathrooms and the dishes, but I’m sure Citizen will chalk out some technology even to get those done. This is only 2013; I think I can wait for another 5 or 10 years to see that. Till then, I will cherish and adore this virtually indestructible, cool piece of tool.