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WG comments
: A ton of spare money and a young age is a lot of bad watches.

Q. Hi, Gonzo! You go gaga over Seiko watches – the mechanical sports (and let me tell you here I find them BORING) I mean – but you haven’t commented on their quartz sides. My question is simple: Should you even buy Seiko quartz? [Personal information & related details removed]


A. I sniff things tad different this time. However, I think I must clarify first: I do not go gaga only on Seiko’s mechanical lines but also on their Premier-s and Astron-s. If you think quartz is either (or both) of these, then we can exchange a few viewpoints.

But – to the boring part, first. You find it boring; I find it subtle (and sometimes, more) variations within a fixed pattern. That’s tougher; given a free hand, creativity comes easy. Now, that’s an open invite to several hard-hitting hate mails but that’s all right; they don’t hurt enough to scratch the glass.

Your question is a good one, in a way. Whether you are buying just to wear mercilessly or creating a worthwhile, spic-n-span collection is however; unclear, so decide on that first. Or, if you have just finished reading ‘10 steps to a fantastic watch collection’ (or something similar) and gunning afterburners on your newfound hobby, then let go off the gas pedal for a while.

Let me tell you instead why I like Seiko. They have for all purposes; be it luxury to graduation to legacy and further…you will know it after you spend a couple of years in this arena. But well, I do agree some are on the extremities of real Sci-fi fantasy. These have a separate group of consumers with different fervor and tastes.

Seiko has a history. It’s not about how long the company is in existence but what they have offered so long and I guess you know that quartz movement is an innovation by Seiko; also the first, automatic chronograph, arguably. So if you are talking about the Astron GPS Solar watches or the Seiko Premier range, they are impressive products from both esthetic and technological standpoints.

But so is the Grand Seiko, the company’s haute horlogerie line. The only gripe you might have about them is their somewhat bland appearance, so consider one when you are matured enough to feel within its subtle beauty. It’s a watch not to invite a ton of “WOW”-s, but if you ever meet me in person with the GS adorning your wrist; I will approve you of owning a really good timepiece. If not a handshake, then expect at least an affirmative smile.

At its price range, Seiko creates some of the best stuff; three we spoke about a little while back and now, the Ananta. All exaggeration aside and despite their Swiss-like prices, you do not need to be as concerned as you would be with a Swiss.