The Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT combines excellent dive watch traits to a true GMT complication!

Whether you have an idea of what Kinetic movements are like or not, it’s not going to stop you from owning the Prospex Kinetic GMT. But know your stuff before you buy. The quartz/automatic hybrid mechanism uses an automatic rotor to charge an internal battery instead of winding a mainspring. On full charge, they’ll run – on an average – for 6 months lying still; those with power-saving mode will even more.

You might think a power-reserve indicator would take away the guesswork. So Seiko gets you that. The pusher on the case sends the seconds-hand flying as the power-reserve indicator. The Kinetic is Seiko’s next step from solar-powered quartz movements.

The Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT watch houses the Kinetic caliber 5M85; the one with a GMT hand, independently adjustable in hourly increments. It kind of makes it easy to start liking it. While it doesn’t have an entirely mechanical movement, it is only very accurate, very reliable and all you need to do is wear it to keep it running. It stays accurate to within +/- 15 seconds a month and brings the GMT in at a worry-free and affordable price point. Within the Prospex family, the Prospex Kinetic GMT is a very solid option.

The Prospex Kinetic GMT is presented to face the greatest challenges on land, in air and in the sea. Its true professional specifications bring together all of its rugged expertise within a small space. Or, let’s call it an all-terrain watch with dive-ready qualities. Whether you are a hiker or a mountain climber, the Prospex will meet the challenge, deliver precision and act reliable amidst situations most adverse. It is built to perform, enduring the stresses of wild, intense and extreme sports. This 2015 model is perfect for any kind of outdoor adventure. Atop the robust, cushion-shaped case is the rotating bezel that serves as a compass. It’s for times when the outdoor demands a secure and rapid orientation.

In an urban life, the Kinetic GMT is an excellent companion when you don’t want to lose sleep over losing hours. Its rather daunting appearance to an onlooker wears smaller than you would expect.

In all of your adventures, the Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT watches will perform just as they should! They make excellent safety backups for the primary dive computer; their legibility not hazed even by heavy surfs.

Bottom line: A very wearable, considerably large adventure watch with a functional design and travel-ready features. The fuss-free movement ensures the only watch you need to take along for a week in the waters or on the hard rock or for the places above it.

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