Again, it’s Gonzo! Sorry guys, I mean no ‘j’ business, but this whole AGAW session gives our friend a trip that lasts for at least a few hours post answering buyer/reader queries. We enjoy his (sometimes) thoroughly interesting replies and (occasional) columns but not the trip he takes on us. The only way to keep him calm is letting him answer another query while we get busy balancing supplies versus demands.

– Santo

Q. Dear Gonzo,

I come to you in pursuit of a respectable piece, say – a world timer; if you want me to be specific. Not that it is necessary, but it certainly enhances the appearance and the concept appeals to me. I am in touch with foreign professionals and it is going to be useful. I have three in mind: a Citizen Eco-Drive Atomic Radio Controlled World Time, an Orient Automatic Multi Year Calendar World Time and a Seiko Alarm Chronograph World Time. However, before taking a leap, I welcome and appreciate any thought or other recommendations in case I have missed something more interesting.

A. All right, you appreciate analogue and I appreciate that you appreciate them. But I’m not sure if you checked out the GMT watches, so we’ll talk about them later.

Sure, you can’t get the one that Cottier built with his own hands but there are plenty that track 24 (that’s the least) time zones simultaneously. You move the chapter ring (or the seconds-hand); the hour and minute hands will automatically jump ahead or behind local time to show the corresponding time in that specific zone.  Or, it could be a rotating, 24-hour, inner chapter ring turning once a day to show the time automatically in other time zones. You chose those of the first kind and they are excellent choices.

However, for a more vibrant choice, you may consider this Orient Automatic Multi Year Calendar World Time while for a classier image; it’s the Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled World Time. The Citizen Eco Drive Men’s Chronograph World Time and the Citizen Titanium Promaster Radio Controlled World Time give you a sporty geek image and needless saying they got some very clever mechanism.

However, all are easily readable and looks apart, differs only in technology and complexity. Yes, cost too, but within reasonable limits.

Now, the GMT watches. It is a dual-time tracking system and if you click on the link, you’ll find some info on them. These are a relatively cheaper alternative to true world time watches and are currently very popular. Some are laudably minimalist in their designs, which you might like. These are for the times when you need nothing unnecessary, nothing cluttered or over-thought. Some are dressier and that field is pretty broad to be covered within this limited space.

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